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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the MAGELLAN® 350-BA10-COMBO to our line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinet.  We’ve configured our MG-350 amplifier with our Bass Array™10-2 cabinet to be offered as an extremely small combo rig that delivers big output and tone.

This is THE NEXT GENERATION of compact, high performance bass amplification.

Bass Player Magazine—

“The MG350 Combo—with or without the BA10-2 extension cab—can handle surprisingly volume-demanding circumstances while delivering great tone, but upright players in search of the “perfect” small combo for gigging need to give this little dynamo a serious look.”  —  Ed Friedland

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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the MAGELLAN® 350-BA10-COMBO to our line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinet.  We’ve configured our MG-350 amplifier with our Bass Array™10-2 cabinet to be offered as an extremely small combo rig that delivers big output and tone.

This is THE NEXT GENERATION of compact, high performance bass amplification.

The combo “kit” allows the mounting of the MG-350 amplifier to the BA10-2 cabinet using our “hidden” MG-350-CRADLE, which can be mounted to the top surface of the cabinet using provided mounting screws in each cabinet.  This allows easy install or removal of the amp to the cabinet for even more flexibility with this powerful little combo.  The MG-350 delivers 175 watts as the combo and with an additional BA10-2 extension cabinet puts out 350 watts into this remarkable “mini-stack”.

The BA10-2 cabinet design blends the punch and quickness of a single premium Neodymium 10” driver in a vented bass reflex enclosure, along with the performance and pattern control of a proprietary line array element utilizing 4 custom designed 2.5” neodymium drivers. The benefits of combining both design platforms in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player requiring such a small, yet powerful enclosure.  This model also offers a unique cabinet shape with an angled baffle — tilting up towards the player — and a single top/rear mounted edge-lift handle for an easy grab and go solution.

The MG350-BA10-COMBO delivers a full-bodied, defined, musically smooth and seamless response in this compact design and is ideal for electric or upright bass requirements.  The performance and response is much larger than its minimal size and stage footprint.

An optional heavy-duty carry bag is also available for easy transport and protection.

The MG350-BA10-COMBO features Include:

  • Clean Channel –
  • Pristine and Articulate
  • Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry
  • Curve A — Classic to Modern — Mid Scoop Curve
  • Curve B — Thicker to Vintage — Low-Mid Bump w/Tapered Top End
  • Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control
  • Signal Mute Switch
  • Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling
  • Full Featured XLR Direct Output Interface
  • 2.67 Ohm Min. Total Load
  • Neodymium 10” Woofer w/ 4 x 2.5” Neodymium Line Array Drivers
  • Unique Angled Baffle Cabinet Design
  • Top/Rear Mounted Edge-lift Handle
  • Dual Speakon® and ¼” Combination Input Jacks
  • Short Speakon® cable included with the MG-350-CRADLE
  • Weight:  25 LBS
  • Dimensions: 15.5”W x 15”D x 16”H

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 18.5 × 21 in





Power Handling 175W @ 8_ohms
350W @ 4_ohms
350W @ 2.67_ohms
Frequency Response 55-20KHz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 96 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Crossover Frequency 1.6K Hz
Weight LBs. 25
Dimensions – HxWxD 16″ x 15.5″ x 15″

Shipping Data:

  • Carton Dimensions:  21”H x 19.5”W x 18.5”D   (533.4mm H x 495.3mm W x 470mm D)
  • Shipping Weight:   32 Lbs  (14.5 Kg)

Speaker Components:

  • One — premium Eminence® neodymium 10” cast frame loudspeaker.
  • Four – proprietary neodymium 2.5” mid/high cone drivers with sealed basket design.

Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  • Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure.
  • Two – Combination Speakon® NL-2 and ¼” input jacks.

Cabinet Finish:

  • Black textured vinyl.
  • Black metal corners and heavy-duty edge-lift handle.
  • Custom, curved perforated metal rille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column.
  • Large rubber feet.

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7 reviews for Magellan 350 Combo

  1. A Redeemed Wretch

    For years I played through a SWR Super Redhead and swore it was the best all around combo. While it served me playing for many worship teams for many years, I sold it to a friend who needed it more as I had to stop playing when my daughter was born. What the heck man, get to the point. So I have not a fretting in my life, only smooth fingerboards…and between my 5 string acoustic bass and my EUB (especially when played arco) very few combo amps I have played can hang. An bowed low e farts almost every reasonably priced combo I have tried, till this. I was at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center trying out various EUBs and saw the MG 350…I tried it, and immediately was blown away! At 1/4 of the size and weight, and 500 dollars cheaper than my old beloved SWR, the MG350 sounded so much better (so that is what they mean when they say transparent). I brought it home, and knowing if I start playing in worship teams again, I can add the second speaker if needed. Seriously folks, I am running the volume and master at 9 o’clock and it is plenty loud! I have played with the various settings and am impressed of the simplicity of operation, to dial in various “color” to the sound. So whether I am bowing away, walking, or slapping, this combo is absolutely INCREDIBLE! The handle it perfect, making schlepping this thing a breeze, and it really allows the personality of each instrument to come through. Mr. Genzler, sir, you and your team have done it again!! Thank you!

  2. Sven Johnson

    I’m a former recording and touring hard rock bassist, who is currently exploring fretless and electric upright bass styles. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping and listening at various stores
    and bass builder studios lately, and ran across the Magellan 350 Combo stack while trying basses at Sadowsky Guitars in Long Island City, NY. I was immediately blown away by the clarity and open, transparent sound of this amp. It brought out the tone of the various basses in the showroom in a completely magical way. And it was TINY. So weird, as I was used to thinking of a “serious” bass amp (like my Gallien-Kruger/Hartke from my performing years) needing to be at least 125 lbs and 16 cubic feet in volume and needing a hand truck to move.
    Long story short, I bought my own Magellan 350 Combo the next day, and it is working out like a dream. In fine tuning the sound and setup of the different basses in my collection it brings out the personality of each instrument with amazing natural accuracy. It’s hard to describe but it somehow has tremendous “air” in the high end while delivering as much punch in the mids and lows as you could ever need, so it’s loud as hell if you’re in the mood but never ever harsh. The EQ “Contour” dial is super easy to use and gives instant tone control. And as I mentioned it’s so small it tucks away in a corner or under a table and you can grab it with one hand and easily carry it around because it’s so light. I would call this amp a triumph of intelligent design and it’s bringing me hours upon hours of great enjoyment.

  3. Steve Fahrner

    This is a versatile amp! It has a bright punchy tone that can be made more dynamic with A/B curve button. I use it for practice at home and also as my gig monitor. We run the bass out of the board but it’s always an issue for me to hear myself so this amp works perfectly. Very light and portable. I sold a larger amp last year because it was not necessary with our sound system. If I need a larger amp in the future, I’ll purchase the extra cabinet and stack the two cabs for 350 watts output.

  4. Roy Donkin

    I’m a fan and was an early adopter of the BA12-3. I payed Genz Benz heads before, upgraded my cab (an Acme B2) to the BA12-3 and then my Shuttle 9.0 to the Magellan 800. While that rig is by no means difficult schlep, it spends most of its time at a rehearsal space. I felt like a wanted something smaller for home practice and small gigs. I had owned a shuttle 3.0 combo and thought the Genzler 350 would fill the bill. I had looked at some other possibilities but none had the selection of features the 350 has and I love my larger rig so decided the 350 was the way to go.

    The head… the 350 watts is pretty much all I need. I don’t use the dirty channel on the 800 and the 350 sounds pretty much just like the clean channel on the 800. Driving the larger cab or both of my cabs, this is a serious head that for 95% of us, would cover all of our settings. If you *need* the dirty channel or the higher wattage, go for the 800. If you don’t need those features, you’re giving nothing else up by going with the little sibling. Like the 800, this head exceeded all of my expectations… and I had been playing Genz Benz and then the Genzler 800 heads so my expectations were high.

    The cab… I’m completely sold on the bass array concept. It simply works. It allows the drivers to do what they do best and increases dispersion significantly. I love my BA12-3 so was a little nervous about it’s smaller sibling. The different crossover and smaller drivers made me wonder how well the concept would translate. Well… it obviously does not sound exactly like the 12 inch version but it is an amazing little cab. It doesn’t have the bottom end of the larger one but it does feel a little more punchy and a little brighter. A tiny bit of EQ and it can sound surprisingly like the larger version. The advantages of the design are still there.

    When I unpacked the box and looked at the cab, I was afraid I had made a mistake and that it would not meet my desires. It is so small and so light weight. Then I plugged it in and, Oh My! It is astounding what this little cab can do. I have used it alone with the church band in which I play and it didn’t break a sweat. Ditto with some singer songwriters gigs. It also works incredibly well as an amp for my acoustic guitar.

    Add the saddle and turn the two pieces into a “combo” and you have a killer little rig without losing any of the flexibility of a separate head and cab. The little cab plays well with its larger sibling and putting them together you still get the synergy of stacking two arrays.

  5. Scott Pingel

    “The Magellan 350 combo transparently embraces all the complexity and color in the woody tone of the upright, while also punching out with ease anything my six-string can throw at it. When using the bow, it captures every nuance with the most warm and natural sound. This combo has such a lyrical quality—quite simply, it “sings”. I don’t know of another combo that can do what this does with such sophistication. Also, the rugged, beautifully-made carry bag designed specially for this rig is an absolute must!”

    Scott Pingel
    Principal Bass, San Francisco Symphony

  6. Glenn W

    I’ve had this little combo for a couple of weeks, and it’s fantastic! I am looking forward to playing in front of an audience with it – but so far the volume and tone are really GREAT – and not just for the size of it. Given the portability, capability, and the build quality – I expect this will be my primary amp for a VERY long time. For the way I play, it’s likely that this amp will handle the vast majority of my needs by itself or with an extension cabinet. I haven’t felt this good about a purchase in a long time.

  7. jeremy.miller

    Got my 350 combo this week together with an extra cabinet and just can’t stop playing!,
    I have been playing bass for over 40 years and have had so many different amps and cabs over the years. This is simply the best I have ever played.
    Back in the late 80’s I was one of the first people in the UK to play with SWR Goliath 2*2*10 cabinets,
    The SWR amp was under whelming, the tube front end muddied the sound. Using the cabinets with a Peavey digital mega bass amp proved transformational and everybody commented on how good the sound was, however the trebles and mids were harsh, turning down the HF horn didn’t help, you just lost the frequency. I kept playing it until the amps cooling fan became so worn, old and noisy it was annoying on stage.
    The 10-2 cabs reproduce those mids and high frequency in such a naturally sounded expression. The lows are tight without a touch of woolyness. The line array- off axis sound really does work and no matter where you stand in front of the rig you get the full sound compliment. The cabinets are super light and the handle position is very well thought out and not like so may other cabinets an afterthought. This is a perfect rig for worship music as even when you are DI’d into the man PA, you can drop to one cab as a personal monitor.
    The innovative attention detail on the Magellan 350 amp is so refreshing. putting aside the obvious advantage of size and weight, the clamping method of the amp to cab is unique and makes changing instruments very easy without the amp sliding about. The fact that you can just press a button and isolate the input prevents those only too common crashes and bangs and protects your speakers. The contour control and the two patches are the work of genius in my opinion, I run 4 different basses
    Ken Smith 5
    Dingwall 5
    Rob Allen Fretless
    A 1987 Warwick Thumb 4 which has a very unique jazz sound often lost with other amps and cabs by too much colouration.
    The contour control allows to make a single quick adjustment for each bass to get the sound I have always wanted.
    Best Bass rig ever in my humble opinion, very big thanks to Jeff Genzler and team for their innovation.

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