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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the NEW SERIES 2 version of the popular MAGELLAN® 350-BA10-COMBO, innovative BASS ARRAY compact, high powered bass combo.  We’ve configured our MG-350 amplifier with our new SERIES 2 Bass Array™10-2-S2 cabinet, delivering an extremely small combo rig that delivers surprising, big output and tone, in such a small package.

This is THE NEXT GENERATION of compact, high performance bass amplification.

Bass Player Magazine—

“The MG350 Combo—with or without the BA10-2 extension cab—can handle surprisingly volume-demanding circumstances while delivering great tone, but upright players in search of the “perfect” small combo for gigging need to give this little dynamo a serious look.”  —  Ed Friedland

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The MG350-BA10-COMBO-S2 is a combo “kit” offering the mounting of the MG-350 amplifier to the BA10-2-S2 cabinet, using our “hidden” MG-350-CRADLE, which can be mounted to the top surface of the bass cabinet.  Each cabinet includes the top mounting screws for this option.  This allows easy installation or removal of the amp to the cabinet for even more flexibility with this powerful little combo.  The MG-350 delivers 175 watts as the combo and with an additional BA10-2-S2 extension cabinet puts out 350 watts into this remarkable “mini-stack”.

The cabinet design blends the punch and quickness of a single premium Neodymium 10” driver in a vented bass reflex enclosure, along with the performance and pattern control of a proprietary line array element, utilizing 4 x 2” neodymium drivers. The benefits of combining both design platforms in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player requiring such a small, yet powerful enclosure.  This model also offers a unique cabinet shape with an angled baffle — tilting up towards the player — and a single top/rear mounted edge-lift handle for an easy grab and go solution.

The MG350-BA10-COMBO-S2 delivers a full-bodied, defined, musically smooth and seamless response in this compact design and is ideal for electric or upright bass requirements.  The performance and response are much larger than its minimal size and stage footprint.

An optional heavy-duty carry bag is also available for easy transport and protection.

The MG350-BA10-COMBO-S2 features Include:

  • Clean Channel –
    • Pristine and Articulate
  • Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry
    • Curve A — Classic to Modern — Mid Scoop Curve
    • Curve B — Thicker to Vintage — Low-Mid Bump w/Tapered Top End
  • Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control
  • Signal Mute Switch
  • Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling
  • Full Featured XLR Direct Output Interface
  • 2.67 Ohm Min. Total Load
  • Premium Neodymium 10” Woofer w/ 4 x 2” Neodymium Line Array Drivers
  • Output Power:  175W @ 8 ohms; 350W @ 4 ohms, or 2.67 Ohms
  • Unique Angled Baffle Cabinet Design
  • Top/Rear Mounted Edge-lift Handle
  • Dual Speakon® and ¼” Combination Input Jacks
  • Short Speakon® cable included with the MG-350-CRADLE
  • Weight:  23 LBS
  • Dimensions: 15.5”W x 15”D x 16”H

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 18.5 × 21 in





Power Handling 175W @ 8_ohms
350W @ 4_ohms
350W @ 2.67_ohms
Frequency Response 48-20KHz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 97 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Crossover Frequency 1.6K Hz
Weight LBs. 23
Dimensions – HxWxD 16″ x 15.5″ x 15″

Shipping Data:

  • Carton Dimensions:  21”H x 19.5”W x 18.5”D   (533.4mm H x 495.3mm W x 470mm D)
  • Shipping Weight:   32 Lbs  (14.5 Kg)

Speaker Components:

  • One — Premium Italian Designed Neodymium 10” loudspeaker.
  • Four – Premium Italian Designed Neodymium 2” mid/high line array cone drivers.

Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  • Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with a preset top end notch-filter.
  • Two – Combination Speakon® NL-2 and ¼” input jacks.

Cabinet Finish:

  • Black textured vinyl.
  • Black metal corners and heavy-duty edge-lift handle.
  • Custom, curved perforated metal rille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column.
  • Large rubber feet.

Owner's Manual

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Bass Musician Magazine on the MG350 Combo SERIES 2

1 review for Magellan 350 Combo – SERIES 2

  1. Paul L.

    I’ve been playing bass for nearly 50 years in virtually every type of venue and nearly every genre imaginable and this combo blows me away. Using four different basses each with different strings and pickups I could not get a bad sound out of it period and could easily make the tonal adjustments needed to get each bass in it’s “sweet spot” just where I like it to be. The MG 350 has an amazing degree of tonal versatility. I can go round and scooped as easily as I can go mid forward and punchy just using the contour control and modest tweaks to the EQ. In both cases a little goes a long way as far as managing tonality and I love it. Few heads if any give that degree of micro control in such a simple package to operate. It’s amazing how well it does it’s thing.

    The newer 10-2 Series 2 cab is such a great match for the head it has me pondering whether to add a second one or pair it with a BA-2-112 cab for an even more full sounding bottom end. I have an Epifani UL2 212 cab now. The MG 350 sounds great with that cab as well and when I pair both cabs using the amps 2.67 ohm capability the 212 cab doesn’t overwhelm the 10-2 to the degree that it’s inaudible. Perched on top of the 212 it’s presence and punch compliment the 212 nicely. I can imagine a BA-2-112 would be an even better match for a lightweight rig where I can run at the heads full 350w. It’s a bold little head even at 175w that could easily do gigs in smaller venues, rehearsals, or become a personal monitor when primarily using a FOH system. It doesn’t lack power.

    This is my first experience with Genzler gear having first bought an MG350 head several months before buying the combo principally for it’s 10-2 cab and the cradle because I needed a small lightweight easily portable rig for unplugged acoustic gigs. Having no concerns whatever about Genzler dependability or service I don’t see the need for a backup head so I’ll simply sell the brand new MG350. I’d also like to give a shout out to Jeff Genzler who personally took my call several months ago and discussed the Bass Array Cabs with me. That call helped to give me the confidence I needed to proceed converting my bass rig to Genzler product as I work on downsizing to better meet my current needs. Thank you Jeff. You were spot on in your description of these BA Cabs.

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