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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the NEW SERIES 2 version of ALL our popular and innovative BASS ARRAY® compact cabinet designs.  Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of the original BA12-3SLT cabinet, the new SERIES 2, BA2-112-3SLT features:

  • All new Italian designed loudspeakers
  • Increased power handling
  • Broader frequency response, with more detail and mid-range definition
  • Extended top-end clarity
  • Overall lighter-weight cabinet

The slanted cabinet version further enhances all benefits of the BA design adding a new level of dispersion and projection, either when being used as a single enclosure or in combination with additional straight or slant cabinets.  This offers multiple options to the player to configure their BA2-112-3SLT or STR stack for the best coverage of the stage or performance venue.

With these new enhancements, the new BASS ARRAY SERIES 2 models continue to deliver the dynamic NEXT GENERATION of these remarkable and innovative bass cabinets.

Bass Player Magazine — Overall, I was mightily impressed with the Genzler BA 12-3 SLT/STR stack—it’s light, loud, and clean, with a sweet top end that projects nicely, and works great for electric or upright bass. What’s not to like? —- Ed Friedland



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The new BA2-112-3SLT (slant version) is identical to the original slant cabinet design, and now features all new Italian-designed Neodymium premium loudspeakers.  Overall tonal characteristics include defined, focused lows, smooth mid-range response, seamlessly transitioning to extended top-end clarity.


The Bass Array concept has been widely accepted as a unique approach to bass instrument loudspeaker design.  Although the same size as many premium 12” and tweeter cabinets, this speaker system is so much more complex and rewarding to the performer. The innovative Bass Array design blends the benefits of a 12” neodymium woofer in vented bass reflex design with the performance and pattern control of a 4 x 3” neodymium cone-driver line array element.

Additionally, the placement of the Line Array in front of the 12” woofer further provides a type of “single point source” projection—think of it as concentric speakers, one inside of the other, in the same linear plane.  Also due to line array principles the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern.

The benefits of combining both loudspeaker elements in an extremely compact speaker system are exponential for the player:

  • Full, deep, low frequency response from the high efficiency 12” ported woofer.
  • Smooth, seamless, clear, and articulate mid-range to high frequency transition across the audio spectrum.
  • Broad horizontal dispersion far exceeding conventional woofer/tweeter combinations.
  • And now, the NEW SERIES 2 update offers even more advancements with increased power handling, broader frequency response, more detail, mid-clarity, definition, and extended top-end, all in an even lighter-weight cabinet.

What this means in the context of performance is the most focused, defined, musically smooth and seamless response possible throughout the cabinet’s entire broad-range bandwidth.

The slanted version further enhances all benefits of the BA design adding a new level of dispersion and projection, either when used as a single enclosure or in combination with other BA2-112-3SLT OR BA2-112-3STR cabinets.  This offers multiple options to the player to configure their stack for the best coverage of the stage or performance venue.

The BA2-112-3SLT cabinet features include:

  • Neodymium 12” Woofer w/4 x 3” Neodymium Line Array Drivers
  • Ported Cabinet Design
  • Cabinet Built w/Lite-ply & Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Top Mounted Flush Handle
  • Dual Speakon® and ¼” Input Jacks


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 23 in



Bass Array


Power Handling 400 Watts
Frequency Response 38-18K Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 98 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Crossover Frequency 800 Hz
Weight LBs. 29
Dimensions – HxWxD 16″ x 19″ x 19 3/8″

Shipping Data:

  • Carton Dimensions: 23″H x 22″W x 19″D
  • Shipping Weight: 35 Lbs


Speaker Components:

  • One — Premium Neodymium 12″ loudspeaker utilizing a fiberglass former voice coil and unique dual-wound (inside/outside winding design) for increased power handling and thermal capacity.
  • Four — Premium Neodymium 3″ full-range, mid/high cone drivers utilizing fiberglass former voice coils with unique dual-wound (inside/outside winding design) for increased power handling and thermal capacity. These drivers are loaded into a sealed line array stack.


Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  • Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure.
  • Two — Speakon® NL-2 connector and two – ¼” sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.



  • Cabinet Built w/Lite-ply & Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.
  • Black metal corners and top-mounted recessed handle.
  • Custom, curved grille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column.
  • Large rubber feet.

Video Demonstrations


“All of us at Sadowsky Guitars were very impressed with the Bass Array cabinet. It had remarkable focus and definition without any “tweeter-like” harshness. Warm, solid, and overall “awesome”!
—– Roger Sadowsky

“I’ve used the Genzler BA12-3 Bass Array for rehearsals and gigs with my MTD 635-24 bass and TecAmp Puma 1000. The Genzler speaker delivered a very definitive representation of the sound of the bass and it’s subtleties.

The lows were deep and well defined, the mids were present and punchy, and the highs were clear and clean. The overall blend of the sound is perfect, allowing for very clear triple and double stops even in low registers. The cabinet comes through with a presence that fills the hall. My friends have spoken of how clear the bass sounds to them without being too loud.

The cabinet is only 35 pounds and very easy to move using the handle on its side.

Kudos to Jeff Genzler for this stellar addition to the world of bass cabinets.”

Charlie Kniceley


Media Reviews

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Bass Player Magazine Bass Array SLT and STR Review

5 reviews for Bass Array2-112-3SLT

  1. Peter Henriksen

    I first saw this at the NAMM show in 2018, and immediately understood what Jeff was going for, having built a few amps myself over the years 😉 I had to have one. Alone, this cabinet has done a dozen or so gigs in the last couple months, from a basement cabaret to a few big outdoor festival stages, and not only covered just fine but allowed me to have the tone I wanted at the low, controlled stage volume I like to have. At 30 pounds, I’ve been able to Uber to a couple of downtown gigs where parking is difficult and expensive. This weekend I played a large outdoor stage and decided to place the BA12-3 SLT on top of my old trusty Eden 4×10. WOW!!!! I have never had stage sound like that, no matter where I went on stage, no matter what angle or which microphone I was in front of, there was ALL of my sound. If you’re reading this, you probably have a 4×10. Stop what you’re doing right now, and get one of these cabs to put on top of it, and your only regret will be not doing it sooner. If you don’t have a 4×10, you should still get one, because it will cover what you’re currently using and then some.

    Peter Henriksen

  2. Kenneth D. Mohr

    I initially bought 1 BA12-3 SLT and played several small – medium gigs and have been truly impressed with the clarity, punch and dispersion. I also appreciate the lightweight (32 lbs) and portable design.

    I recently had a large outdoor gig and called Jeff to get a second cab. I can tell you adding the 2nd cab changes the dynamic significantly! The sound is truly the best I have experienced in my 30+ years playing electric + EUB. The elimination of compression drivers plus the cool SLANT design is the secret sauce as each cab has 6 degree tilt, so w/ 2 cabs I’m projecting 12 degrees vertically above traditional box designs, plus the inherent horizontal dispersion advantages of the BA design, ALL of my band mates complimented me on my sound that day, in addition to several folks from the audience giving me ‘thumbs up’.

    I highly recommend the BA12-3 SLT cab, and if you can swing it, get 2, you will be impressed…

  3. Roger Hedin

    What goes in comes out…
    The BA 12-3 SLT truly is my favourite cab out of the Bass Array models. (I got all slanted models…) It really defines flat, but in a three dimensional way. No boominess, just clean and well articulated lows, all the way to the top of its register. The line array makes everything heard clearly, so mostly I roll down the treble on my amps a tad, just not to get into everyone’s face. Don’t get me wrong – it ain’t shrill, just clearer than most cabs I’ve used. My philosophy is: better to have the opportunity to diminish what you don’t need, than try to enhance what’s not there. One cab makes a small rig – two makes it gigantic. The only thing that didn’t make a good match – for me, anyhow – was to use a classic tube amp. It was way too brittle, with the passive tone controls and lesser low response. The BA cabs are modern cabs, and i.m.h.o. sound best with modern and effective amps.

    Another big plus is the projection of the cab(s). Same (almost) sound and volume everywhere on stage or in the room. No need to play loud to hear yourself…

  4. Mark Elam

    This cab along with a Magellan 800 replaces my Genz Benz Contour 500-210. The Contour has been great for several years now and is still working fine. I wanted to see what an upgrade would get me. This new setup is a monster! In my 11′ x 11′ office, I had ear fatigue in about three minutes at moderate volume. We’re moving some air here! The low B is more musical than it’s ever been. Very even response from low to high. I feel like I can get any tonality I want from this amp and cab. Certainly this new rig is equal to any gig I’ll ever play, indoors or outdoors! And customer service has a name and a face – Jeff Genzler! Thanks to all at Genzler. You have made my day… again!

  5. MM

    Had the two ‘original’ BA12-3 for a long time (very early release) and only had great compliments on my sound no matter venue or stage and genre.
    These cabs have a fat and defined lowend and smooth mids and highs… BUT now the introduction of the new Series 2 is another ballgame!
    Lowend is tighter but still very articulate and supportive, the Mids and Highs are even more present and clear, but still smooth. Not shrill or harsh, just plain clear all around articulate and even sound!
    Genzler did it again 🙂

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