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                                 POCKET SIZED!

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION proudly announces the long-requested addition of the MAGELLAN PRE/DI PEDAL to our product line of bass effects pedals.

The MAGELLAN® PRE brings the performance and preamp feature set of our popular Magellan series bass amps into a powerful, feature-laden, compact bass preamp/DI pedal. From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with a “weighted feel to the notes”, the MG-PRE-PEDAL provides the tonal palette needed to cover all of the bassist’s tone requirements.

This is exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER® design team — performance, versatility, and reliability. This new model continues the collaboration of the GENZLER AMPLIFICATION design team and Andy Field, former Genz Benz engineer. Together they possess decades of innovative audio product design and manufacturing expertise.





The MAGELLAN® PRE is an all-analog full featured preamp pedal with a wide-range input gain control, 3-band equalization with sweepable mids, our unique foot switchable dual curve adjustable contour circuits, foot switchable mute circuit, aux input, headphone output, balanced/unbalanced main output and balanced XLR direct output. This compact, lightweight pedal brings all of the tone and versatility of our MAGELLAN series bass amplifier designs into a small pedal format.

The MG-PRE-PEDAL is also a great companion to our 4 ON THE FLOOR Classic Overdrive Pedal, CRASH BOX-4 Classic Distortion Pedal and RE/Q 5 band EQ + Filter Pedal.


  • Wide Range Input Circuitry
  • Input and Master Volume Controls
  • Variable High Pass Filter
  • Switchable Dual Contours (A & B)
  • Independent Contour Controls
  • Same Magellan 3 Band EQ w/Sweepable Mids
  • Signal mute
  • Preamp Output—Capable of driving a Separate Power Amp
  • Aux Input
  • Headphone Output
  • Studio Quality Direct Out Circuitry w/Pre or Post and GND Lift
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis Construction
  • Operates on any Power Supply Voltage: 9 – 18VDC, either Polarity (power supply not included)
  • Dimensions: 6” (152mm) W x  4.3” (110mm ) D  (w/ jacks)  x  2.5” (63mm) H  (w/ knobs and feet)
  • Weight: 1.1 lb (0.5kg)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 8 in



Genzler Amplification


  • DIMENSIONS: 6” (152mm) W x  4.3” (110mm ) D  (w/ jacks)  x  2.5” (63mm) H  (w/ knobs and feet)
  • WEIGHT: 1.1 lb (0.5kg)
  • POWER SUPPLY: 9VDC-18VDC (low noise type), either polarity, 80mA
  • POWER SUPPLY JACK: 2.1mm center pin with 5.5mm barrel (standard Boss pedal dimensions)
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY (nominal): -10dBu to -20dBu (instrument level)
  • INPUT SENSITIVITY (maximum):  >0dBu (9V supply), >+5dBu (12V supply), >+10dBu (18V supply)
  • HIGH PASS Filter Range: 25Hz – 120hz, 18dB/oct variable
  • EQ Filter Points:
    • LOW: +/-15dB shelving below 75 Hz
    • MID: +/-15dB peak-dip, between 150Hz – 2.8kHz
    • HIGH: +/-15dB shelving above 6kHz
  • PREAMP OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 1k ohm (unbalanced), 2k ohm (balanced)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (nominal): -10dBu to +4dBu (line level)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (unbalanced maximum): +8dBu (9V supply) +12dBu (12V supply), +16dBu (18V supply)
  • PREAMP OUTPUT LEVEL (balanced maximum): +14dBu (9V supply) +18dBu (12V supply), +22dBu (18V supply)
  • DIRECT OUTPUT LEVEL (balanced nominal): -30dBu (mic level)
  • DIRECT OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 2k ohm (balanced)
  • AUX INPUT LEVEL (nominal): -10dBu, stereo (sums to mono)
  • AUX INPUT LEVEL (maximum): +10dBu, stereo (sums to mono)
  • HEADPHONE OUTPUT: Drives headphones and IEM buds from 8 ohms -200 ohms, stereo output, mono signal path.  (Higher impedance headphones, such as 600 ohms, will result in less output and headroom.)

Owner's Manual

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Video Demonstrations

Nate Navarro


Media Reviews

3 reviews for MAGELLAN Preamp/DI Pedal

  1. Doug Parent

    A quick review after testing this preamp going through the effects return of two bass amps and into a Crown XLS 1500 power amp. PLENTY of signal in either scenario. I have used other preamp pedals this way with varied success. The Magellan preamp/Di has very useful EQ features including a high pass filter which I love having when I need to turn up and don’t want to worry about damaging my drivers with excessive low end rumble. The dual A and B contour feature is brilliant The B contour shines with a Fender style bass that has a wide warm bottom end that sometimes needs more definition.. Also to note I am driving this preamp with a full 18 volt power supply and it’s quiet yet has a very strong output. Also I’m a fan of the single sweepable mid control vs having two separate fixed mid frequency controls. The Treble frequency is not harsh at all, overall a quality tone machine!

  2. Michael Modjeska

    It just sounds sooo good! How can you even describe sound in words? With the Magellan preamp, I could start by saying the sound is pure, clean, and warm and it makes your bass guitar’s sound come through the mix with its own personality. The sound you hear in the Nate Navarro video we’ve all watched on YouTube is quite honest. The pedal has some personality of its own, which is a fine thing, and it’s certainly not too pronounced. I have two main basses (an old Zeta with a super-amazing Piezo bridge pickup system, and a Fender Jazz with Lollar pickups). I play through a Two Notes Cab M to a Tech 21 Deuce Deluxe, or direct to our band’s PA. I had pretty good sound before, with my previous preamp, but it was a little limited to a specific sort of old-school classic vibe. But this Magellan is totally different. It just brings out the true personality of my instruments, and all their own inherent variations. Volume, tone, and pickup controls all reveal their true purpose. It also really brings out the differences in the cab IRs I use. The pedal’s contour adjustments are subtle and very useful, and I love the ability to just fine-tune everything else easily with (physical) knobs according to the situation. The casing seems robust and the controls are smooth . I’m absolutely addicted to having this luxurious sound as my own!

  3. Tom J

    Disclaimer – I’m not a bass guru and I haven’t owned this for a long time.

    All that being said I love this preamp. The EQ is awesome, lots of flexibility especially with the mid sweep. I’m not super pumped about the A and B presets just because I don’t use them but they do what they do quite well. I like it that they aren’t an overwhelming tone shift like some amps. I can see. Where the high pass filter would be useful with an amp, especially a smaller one, but I play at a church where everything is in ear. So I let FOH take care of that. Finally I’ll mention the headphone out. It’s super nice to be able to just hg into my pedal board and go and especially the part about not keeping anyone awake til all hours of the night.

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