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Inspired by the courage and spirit of exploration, the MAGELLAN® 800 represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification.  With our years of research, design and manufacturing expertise, we’ve developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish.  The result is an 800 watt professional high-powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing only 6.25 lbs!

This is exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER® design team — performance, versatility and reliability.  From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with “weighted feel to the notes”, the MG-800 provides the tonal palette needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements.

Bass Player Magazine — It’s in the preamp where a modern lightweight amp designer shows his stuff. The Magellan was loud, authoritative, and fast when I ran everything flat. It had a razorsharp transient response and remarkable extension into both extremes of the audible frequency spectrum. I never wanted for additional volume or headroom, even when I intentional abused the B string of my F Bass BN5.—Jonathan Herrera

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Inspired by the courage and spirit of exploration, the MAGELLAN® 800 represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification.  With our years of research, design and manufacturing expertise, we’ve developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish.  The result is an 800 watt professional high-powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing only 6.25 lbs!

This is exactly what players have come to expect from the GENZLER® design team — performance, versatility and reliability.  From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with “weighted feel to the notes”, the MG-800 provides the tonal palette needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements.

The expanded feature set and output power level make this amplifier an essential tool on the global stage, and with its universal power supply, the MAGELLAN® 800 can be used with any voltage around the world without modification.


The Dual Channel Design Features:

    • Clean Channel –
      • Pristine and Articulate
    • Drive Channel –
      • Voiced for a More Driven Tonal Signature and Harmonic Texture
    • Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry
      • Curve A — Classic to Modern — Mid Scoop Curve
      • Curve B — Thicker to Vintage — Low-Mid Bump w/Tapered Top End
      • Flat Position — Full Bypass
    • Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control
    • Signal Mute Switch
    • Input Pad Switch
    • Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling
    • All Brushed, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Chassis with Extruded Aluminum Front Panel
    • Output: 400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms
    • 2.67 Ohms Min. Total Load
    • Dimensions: 11.25”W X 10.5”D X 3”H
    • Weight: 6.25 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 6 in






PREAMP – dual channel, all solid state analog design with integrated soft clip circuitry.

  • INPUT– 1Meg ohm input impedance
  • INPUT PAD SWITCH – attenuation of -8.5dB
  • CLEAN CHANNEL OVERVIEW – Voiced to provide natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument.
  • DRIVE CHANNEL OVERVIEW – Voiced to provide a more “driven” tonal signature and harmonic content along with a softer top end and more relaxed low frequency response.
  • CONTOUR — continuously variable control of 2 vastly different response curves. In either CURVE position, when the SHAPE control is all the way off (CCW) the response curve is completely FLAT.
    • Curve A (Blue) — a variable pre-shaped curve that boosts lows and highs while simultaneously cutting mids.  The slopes are fairly gentle which keep the tone shaping very musical.  This curve covers a wide range of sounds from flat to classic to modern depending on the position of the SHAPE control.
    • Curve B (Amber) — a variable pre-shaped curve with attenuated high mids and highs, a low mid bump, and a slight roll-off of the lowest bass frequencies. Again, the slopes are fairly gentle which keep the tone shaping very musical. This curve is intended to provide sounds in the range of vintage amps and vintage cabinets that do not have tweeters.
  • ACTIVE EQUALIZATION – The MAGELLAN™ 800 contains an active 3 band equalizer with a sweepable parametric mid-range frequency control.
    • Bass   +/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 75Hz
    • Mid      +/- 15dB boost/cut of the variable mid frequency selected
    • Freq     Variable mid frequency from 150Hz-3kHz
    • Treble   +/- 15dB boost/cut shelving curve with a corner frequency of 6kHz 


POWER AMP – The MAGELLAN™ 800 uses a state of the art, class D power amplifier design and a high frequency auto-sensing universal switch-mode power supply (SMPS) to achieve unprecedented high performance and lightweight packaging. There are no Voltage Switches to change or jumpers to move. This SMPS senses the line voltage from 100-240 Volts and automatically configures itself.



  • XLR Direct Output –
    • Mic / Line Switch
    • Pre / Post EQ Switch
    • Ground Lift Switch
  • Effects Loop
  • Aux Input
  • Tuner Output
  • Head Phones
  • Foot Switch — Channel switching (Foot switch not included)
  • Dual Speakon® Speaker Outputs


  • Power Output: 400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms
  • Minimum Speaker Load: 2.67 Ohms
  • Operating Power condition: 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 3”H X 11.25”W X 10.5”D (76.2mm H x 285.75mm W x 266.7mm D)
  • Weight: 6.25 LBS (2.83Kg)


  • Dimensions: 16.5”L x 13”D x 5.75”H (419.1mm x 330.2mm x 146.02mm)
  • Weight: 9 LBS (4.08 Kg)

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44 reviews for Magellan 800

  1. Michael Christenson


    By: Michael Christenson

    Dec 31, 2015

    I bought 2 of the Genzler Bass Array 12-3 cabs. These cabs ARE THE new edge of technology AND the greatest of bass cabs that I have ever played thru. The disbursement left/right is just amazing! I walked around with my bass while playing in my studio and I can hear clearing with little to none volume loss! With no doubt my band mates will be able to hear my bass all over the stage. Every nuisance of my fretting fingers can be heard clearly. Every note plucked has a definate defined tone of its own. VERY articulate! The lows are full & round, clear, not muddie, strong, long sustain. I drop tune to BEAD so all of this is very important. Low mids are strong, punchy, clear, articulate, full sounding with meat. High mids are punchy, articulate, clear, meaty, full sounding. The highs are what really took me by surprise…highs are piano like in sound, not sizzling but have girth to each note, full sounding, great jazz sound. By far the best I’ve ever heard the highs on any of my basses. I’m looking forward with great excitement and confidence to playing thru these with my band in a 500 seat big room. I can only imagine what 3 of these will sound like when I buy another! As a side note…I used the new Genzler Magellan 800 amp for this first run through. WOW!!! What an AMAZING amp in which to power these Amazing cabs!!! These all go hand in hand together perfectly! Michael

  2. Art Forrester

    Love the rig. I bought the 800 head and the 12” angled cabinet. I hope to a straight 12” cabinet in the future. I love the tone and the ‘weight ‘!!

  3. John Christopher

    I am still exploring with my Genzler amp but I have more options than I have ever had before and I am excited about what’s to come.

    The amp is easy to maneuver and the sound and tone are exceptional. I am a tone freak and I have outstanding tone and the thump that I need all in one. I have gotten MANY compliments about the look, the style and the sound.

    Thanks Jeff for thinking outside the box and being state of the art…

  4. Ed LeBlanc

    Best Preamp and Class D Amp I’ve used. Been using a Demeter HBP1 preamp and Crown XLS 1500 on either dual cabinet Schroeder (one 12 PL- single 12″ and one 12 12 L- dual 12″) cabinets.or also an Epifani 3-10 UL cabinet that has already had the10″ drivers changed to dual voice coils 10″ Eminence drivers.I like my Schroeders the best and they are loud (102 and 103 dbs SPL)..

    The Magellan MG 800 just kills it. And fits in a laptop shoulder Samsonite carry bag along with cords.

    I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s Shuttle designs, in fact have a 3.0 and a 6.0 for practice studio work. But the MG 800 knocks it out of the park, even with other cabs.

  5. Kirk Powers

    I have been a fan of Jeff Genzler’s bass amplification and speaker cabs for many years now. I started with the Genz Benz GBE 1200, and then I progressed to the Class D amps that he pioneered.
    I currently own a Genzler MG800 amplifier and a Magellan 212-t 4Ω speaker cab. At times, I will use my older Genz Benz Uber 115 at some venues.
    The day that I got my Magellan 800 amplifier and plugged it in I knew something was different.
    It wasn’t the same as all previous Class D amps that I have played or heard.
    The MG800 had GIRTH to each note. It was the first Class D amp that I played that had it all!

    I have mentioned in some bass guitar forums that the MG800 may be the EASIEST amp to get a great usable tone QUICKLY. That matters to me.
    The reason that it matters is because I have made it my FLY GIG amp too.
    I’ll bring the amp in my carry on bag to the shows and use it with whatever speaker cab they have rented for me. It takes maybe 10 seconds and I’m ready to Roll n’ Rock. Lol

    The amp not only looks sexy and appealing to the eye but it’s built like a Brick —- House. It is solid externally and internally.

    Its tone controls are simple enough for the beginner to understand, yet precise enough for the pro to shape a sound the way they want.
    I use this amp on a few different styles of gigs. From Country, Nashville Blues, Texas Shuffle, to Rock, some pop, and church gigs.

    The DI out is second to none.
    And the amp is able to drive a selection of speaker cabs and remain stable to 2.6Ω’s which can come in handy. That’s better than only being able to drive a 8 or 4Ω load.
    And there is a switch on the rear of the amp to match the load that you wish to run. This means you can daisy chain Three 8 Ω cabs or ONE 8Ω + one 4Ω if you need to. Or setup other single combinations without trouble. I’ve run it at 2Ω and I had no issues at all, although it is NOT recommended and may void a warranty.

    I don’t want to forget there is a ¼” jack on the rear that I use as practice headphone amp and its super handy. You won’t need to have a speaker cab plugged in when using that feature. It’s safe
    Like I said earlier it is solid built piece of gear. And it’s LIGHTWEIGHT TOO.
    The amp is rated very accurately as far as wattage IMO.

    I can do a local bar gig with my one 8Ω Genz Benz uber 115 cab. At 8Ω’s I get 400 watts from the MG800.
    Into a 4Ω cab it’s a real beast at 800 watts. These are NOT fake overly hyped watts. It’s the real deal.
    And it is able to keep putting out without losing its clarity, punch or depth while remaining fairly cool to the touch. Amazing.

    A REAL PLUS is the Dual function A and B Contour knob. I have found that I can fix a weird (boomy stage) problem by engaging the CONTOUR knob and set the YELLOW LED for Contour B. It tightens the low end and the boom disappears. The Same contour can also be dialed in to create the vibe of a Vintage sealed type cabs too.

    I can’t say enough good things about this amp. But I want to thank Jeff and the crew at Genzler Amplification for making a consistently great product that is accessible to almost anyone.
    It’s a great time to be a bass player.

  6. Philip Hearn

    I have the Magellan 800 and two BA12-3 cabinets. They are all very nice, sound great, compact, and easy to move around. I needed something smaller to replace a bigger/heavier rig. These Genzlers filled the order, both in size and sound. I especially like the EQ section of the 800 to dial in the right sound to fit the appropriate venue. Notes are easily defined and are not muddy. Depending on the size of the venue, I can either use both cabinets or just one. The 800 has plenty of power. Plus the direct out is an added bonus to run into a board, which I have done a few times already. I”m very pleased with their performance and sound overall. If you’re looking for something innovative, sounds great, and easy to transport, you really need to give these a listen!

  7. Pete

    I’ve run this head with 2 x Bass Array cabs for just over a year now, having got fed up of humping my Ampeg valve head + 4×10 HLF rig around.

    Naturally, given that Ampeg has been seen as the go-to set up for rock for eons now, I was concerned that I’d lose ‘that sound’. Well, I can say that my fears were completely unfounded as the Genzler rig has not only delivered on rock, but given me loads more versatility for other, more subtle material too.

    First off, it’s light and therefore easily transportable. Versality is easily dialled in without a load of mid-show faffing about. Sound-wise you know you’re onto a good thing when the sound engineer or bass-players in an audience want to talk to about “hey man, love the sound of your rig, what is it??”

    Overall, a great sounding amp that’s light and versatile, the speakers the same but with the added benefit of wide dispersion on stage as well as the projected sound to the audience. You can hear what you’re doing wherever you’re throwing yourself around on stage and so can your fellow musicians. And yes, that means they pick up your bum notes too so be warned 🙂

  8. Ross Black

    I own the Magellan 800 and one (so far) BA12-3 cab. They are the best bass amplification gear I have ever used. I have been a weekend warrior for over 40 years and have used Vox, Fender, Yamaha, Phil Jones, GK, Bag-End, Quilter and several Ampeg products. Now I play music where space, taste, tone and more tone are needed on the bottom. Genzler products allow a player to play with great tone at any volume level. With the Magellan 800 adding a little dirt for a song or appropriate EQ for a venue is also really easy. I have used the Magellan 800 with other cabs (before I got the BA12-3) and could get good tones at big volumes. Using the BA12-3 with a Quilter BB800 is really smooth and full. However, using the combination of the Magellan 800 with the BA12-3 is truly amazing. All my bass player friends notice it immediately. Great engineering. I will be sticking with this combination, and getting another BA12-3 soon.

  9. Robert Brace

    By far the best system I have owned or tried. I have the Magellan 800 amp with a BA12-3 and a BA210-3 cabs. Since I have both 4 and 5 string basses I really appreciate the ability of the system to handle the full tonal spectrum of each at whatever volume I choose! Portability is another plus point as is tightness and freedom of cabinet buzzes and pops. By far the best!! Full Five stars all around!!!

  10. Shane Campbell

    I’ve tried quite a bit of very nice bass amp gear in the last 2-3 years looking for the best new lightweight gear to use in the music ministry. I’ve owned Mesa 800 and the new 800+, the Aguilar AG700 and the new TC Electronic gear along with the match cabs for each. I then tried the Genzler 800 and the Genzler arrays. To me there was nothing that compares to the total package Genzler offers with these products. I’ve done side by side tests with sound engineers in some of the big churches I play at and they all agreed the Genzler was just better. The DI out is phenomenal as well and sends one of the best DI signals to the house you will find. It’s really quite impressive that the matching arrays In either the 10-2, 12-3, or 210-3 arrays our out with this head. These products changed the game for me and I have never been happier with my sound. Thank you Jeff.

  11. Ray McClain

    I first read about the Genzler Magellan 800 bass head in a popular online bass player community site and was drawn to investigate further into the claims I read about. Yep, I had to buy it to really get the just of what this bass amp can do and how it will make my bass playing life easier. One of the main things I needed to do was reduce my equipment foot print and weight without jeopardizing the quality of my sound and still have the power I need when needed. Well, I found all of that and more in this Magellan 800 bass amp! It is so compact but huge in sound, quality, features and workmanship! I currently have two other Class D type bass amps, but I use them for home rehearsals and as a backup to my main working bass amp, the Genzler Magellan 800!

  12. James Quiles

    I bought the Magellan 800 In May 2016 and boy has this amp lived and exceeded my expectations. This lightweight amp has made life easier by reducing the amount of equipment in size & weight. I use my Magellan with a 15in. bass cabinet for small venues and my 15X12 Cab for larger venues. It sounds great with my Ampeg Baby Bass and even better with custom-made Ken Smith 5-string bass. I am a proud owner of the Magellan 800 Amp.

  13. Ted Zook

    I have a Magellan 800 and three Bass Array 12-3 cabinets, which I use for the core of my NS Design Omnibass/Basscello rig. I’m very happy with this combination; it has performed perfectly at the many performances I’ve given using it. I’ve received many compliments from fellow musicians and audiences alike. I also perform on nylon-string guitar and hope to have an opportunity to check out an Acoustic Array Pro some day. Kudos to Jeff Genzler and his team for bringing these remarkable products to market!

    Ted Zook
    Steinberger Artist

  14. Lenny Everett

    I have been a HUGE fan of Jeff Genzler’s work since the Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 (I still own two of them!), so when he announced that he had a new line of Class D amps starring the Magellan 800, I absolutely had to get one.
    Without question, this amp produces the sound of your bass without coloration to your tone. I run my Magellan EQ FLAT (all controls at noon), and the CONTOUR control and CURVE button do the rest. Dialing in the exact amount of mid-scoop is effortless whether you are going for a MODERN (A Curve) or VINTAGE (B Curve) sound. Each of the EQ controls are very detailed and powerful, so little changes go a long way. I have never had to tweak any control beyond the 11 or 1 o’clock position to tame an unruly room.
    The amp is extremely articulate and commands its space on the stage against the loudest guitar, drums or keys. The DI is truly ‘studio’ quality and requires no ‘juice’ for FOH applications, so the sound guys LOVE it. I get a ton of compliments on my tone (I play a PRS Grainger V and whatever cab is available), and most players think I’m rockin’ some super boutique amp!
    The construction of this amp is very rugged rock solid aircraft aluminum and weighs literally nothing. I have no worries about just throwing it in the gig bag and away I go.
    I have A/B’s against various amps that I own or borrowed….the Mesa D-800+(owned), the TC Electronic RH750(owned) and the Markbass 800(borrowed)…the Magellan 800 beat each of them at their own game!
    Thank you Jeff Genzler for resetting the Class D amp bar!

  15. Matt McKenzie

    The Magellan 800 is everything I need it to be as a working pro. From R&B to jazz to country and everything in between, this amp has me covered. I can dial in tone to meet the application or fit the bass, and there is plenty of horsepower when the room or genre requires a substantial stage volume. Clean and quiet, I’m confident that the artist will be happy, and the sound guys and gals will need not worry over the bass. Just turn it on, and turn it up!

    Did I mention that the amps are lightweight? That is not an insignificant consideration when freelancing. It traveled to Peru on my shoulder.

    Thank you Jeff. Your work is consistently excellent, and I will continue to call on Genzler amps for my professional needs.

  16. Dan Hildebrand

    This is my review of the Magellan 800 Head and Bass Array 12-3 (2 of them). I played the early GBE Heads (750 and 1200) as well as the Genz Benz Neo cabinets and loved them. The Magellan 800 head (a light weight Class D amplifier) is awesome; you can literally bring it with you anywhere you go (in it’s ultra cool carrying case) and it’s lighter than a laptop. The number of tones that you can dial in on the front panel of the head is impressive. There is no excuse to play through heavy heads any longer. Genzler Bass Array cabs are also light weight and output a powerful, bright, sound that punches big time. It’s impossible to over state the superior quality of the Genzler bass amps and cabs. Jeff Genzler shocked the bass world with his early products and now he’s done it again. Big time fan … absolutely love my Genzler rig … and I’m pretty sure all my neighbors do too!

  17. Leo Davis

    I’ve used my Magellan 800 now for just over a year now. I’ve absolutely loved it, the best amp I’ve owned. I’m using it with the Bass Array 12-3 cabinet. I have tried it with another bass cabinet I have (Peavey 1516) and it sounds great with that, too. I usually run it totally flat EQ, with a little drive on, and the full range contour on. I’ve run it with the “vintage” contour a few times, but with the bass and effects (which do cabinet modeling) I use, it sounds a little murky. I would probably use it more if I wasn’t running through effects, as it sounds great standalone.

    I think the drive circuit sounds great; easily the warmest solid state “tube” preamp I’ve heard. Great job guys!

    I usually use this with acoustic bass and 5 string electric bass for jazz. I really appreciate the compactness and weight of the amp/cabinet combination.

    I recommend getting the Magellan carrying case. It fits the amp perfectly and holds the power cord and a couple of speaker cables, too.

    Thank you Jeff Genzler and team for your remarkable amps and cabinets.

  18. Paul Choate

    I’ve used my Magellan 800 for 2 years now and 116 gigs. The amp never fails to deliver and I use it in conjunction with my Fearless F112 cabinet. Very easy to dial in a Great Sound with this amp.

    I have been using Jeff’s products since 2009 and they never fail to deliver.

  19. Sid Nicholls

    Here are my thoughts of the Genzler Magellan 800 bass amp after having gigged it for the past several months. I’ve deliberately left it a while to make sure that the honeymoon period was over so that any issues or quibbles that I may have with it have become apparent. For reference, I play in a 5 piece, female fronted, rock, pop and party band playing a mixture of pub and club gigs as well as some private work and functions. My cab is Tecamp M212 and I use a variety of basses, usually with a bias towards the neck pickup. I play finger style more or less exclusively and am pretty heavy handed too, I love to dig in when I’m playing!

    If you’re not already familiar with the amps here’s what Genzler themselves have to say about them, the Magellan 800 and the Magellan 350. When I originally bought the amp, I tried it against some of its peers. To see how I thought it stacked up at the time see the thread here.


    The 800 amp has both a transparent clean channel (that can be coloured by the Contour control, more of that later) and a coloured Drive channel. That makes it extremely versatile and usable for pretty much any and every musical situation that you’re ever likely to find yourself in from soft jazz to the lesser extremes of metal.

    Clean channel

    The clean channel with the eq set to noon and the Contour control dialled out sounds even across the frequency range, there are no peaks or troughs in the signal. This sound works great in the mix straight out of the box. The Genzler marketing talks about a “weighted feel to the notes” and this is absolutely correct, the low end is definitely forceful, punchy and powerful but without being overbearing. Those that claim that class D amps lack heft should take an objective, unbiased listen to the Genzler.


    The EQ frequencies that the Magellan uses are absolutely perfect for real world live use. The bass EQ is voiced at 75 Hz which is great for adding audible bass to the sound if you’re in a room where the bass is sounding a bit thin, or for backing the low end off if things are booming on stage. In my experience this has proven to be a far more useable frequency for controlling your low end than 40 Hz that many other bass amps use.

    The semi-parametric mid covers a wide range from 150 Hz to 3 KHz. It sounds perfect with the mid eq control at noon, which keeps things flat but I personally like to give it a slight push in the upper mids to help the bass cut through a busy mix. But you have massive flexibility here to control those critical mid frequencies whatever you want to do with them.

    The treble is voiced at 6 KHz so is useful for adding some presence to the tone or brightening up dead strings. Or backing things off a touch for a great retro tone. The treble never gets harsh and the tone is never completely dulled when the top end is backed off.

    The simplicity of the tone stack and the choice of frequencies that they operate on cannot be praised enough. The Genzler just delivers everything you need and nothing you do not.

    To finish of the awesome eq section there is also the dual voiced Contour control. A button on the front panel allows you to choose between curves A and B;

    Curve A is a mid-scoop pre-shape. However, compared to similar controls on other amps, this one is more gentle and is more usable because of it, it is usable throughout most of its range. Its only when its cracked beyond about 3 o’clock that the bass sounds like it could potentially to disappear form the mix.

    Curve B bumps the low mids while rolling off the upper mids and the extremes of the frequency range to give a great retro vibe or to tame a bright sounding, scooped rig . As with Curve A, things are still kept subtle and musically usable with this control throughout its range.

    Drive channel

    The 800 model also sports a footswitchable drive channel that has its own gain and volume controls. Genzler have wisely allowed the use of any generic latching footswitch to be used rather than forcing you into using a proprietary one.

    Although the drive channel is completely valve-less, it is one of the most convincing, warm, valve-like sounds that I’ve heard. When engaging the drive channel a pre-set eq curve is applied that subtly rolls off the high and low ends and leaves you with a silky smooth, valve like drive that never gets fizzy. Even at full gain, the drive is always usable, it does not get into the realms of distortion. The slightly mid biased voice of the drive is more suited to Motown or classic rock than it is for anything extreme. If you want more gain, or a modern scooped distortion then you’ll need a dedicated pedal. But for those of us who want that touch of hair or a light, usable drive that works in the mix, this is, as with everything about this amp, perfect.


    There is no mention of any form of high pass filtering by Genzler, but I emailed them to ask about it and none other than Geoff Genzler himself responded to say that;

    Yes, we do utilize a High Pass filter with the MG-800. It is a very steep slope and set low around the 30 Hz range. This allows us to achieve a clean, solid and authoritative low end without potential flubbyness. This also helps with protection from over-excursion for speakers under high power situations.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Genzler

    How’s that for customer service???

    Construction and finish

    The amp is a great looking design IMO and the quality of construction is flawless. Genzler describe it as; aircraft-grade, brushed aluminum (sic) chassis with a sleek custom extruded front panel. It certainly looks classy and feels substantial. Anyone concerns over quality because it was built in the far east are misplaced. And it has 4 ultra-important blue LED’s on the front panel. Nice.


    As you have probably gathered by now, I’m struggling to find fault with the Genzler Magellan amps. However I do have a couple of very minor criticisms. It’d be great if the Contour voicings were footswitchable so you could switch between the different curve options on the fly. But this is just nit picking, and not something that I’m likely to ever do anyway.


    Honestly, I can’t fault the Magellan amps. Everything about it is just right. It delivers everything you need in the real world. I’ve played many gigs in many different venues with mine and I’m yet to get a bad sound out of it or have ever been in a situation where the sublime eq section wasn’t able to eq the bass to a room with poor acoustics in a matter of seconds.

    In fact, I like it so much that I bought the baby 350 model as a rehearsal and back up amp. The 350 has the same great tone and features of its big brother but it does lack the jaw-droppingly brilliant drive channel. However is makes up for this by being smaller, lighter and cheaper. I’ve also gigged the 350 and don’t let its nominally low power rating put you off, this thing has more volume than you’re ever likely to need on a typical pub, club or function gig.

    An update to the original review after a year of gigging the Magellan’s.

    I’ve been gigging both the 800 and 350 for around a year now and have played some 40 or so gigs with one or the other of them in that time, as well as numerous rehearsals. The honeymoon period is well and truly over now and any flaws in the amps have had time to makes themselves known …

    … Except they haven’t. I still cannot fault these amps in any way, and I still stand by everything I said in my original review; They are infinitely flexible and can very quickly and very easily give you any bass tone you’re ever likely to need (with the exception of very high gain distortion). The pre-amp is so simple and intuitive, and the EQ points are set exactly where you need them in a live situation to allow the bass to cut though a busy mix. The DI is noise free.

    The anti-Class D league will have you believe that lightweight amps means lightweight tone. That is simply not the case with the Magellan’s, there is a real weight and depth to the tone.

    Although I prefer the 800 purely because of the drive channel – which I still cannot praise enough – be assured that the 350 is more than up to the task of gigging alongside a noisy drummer. In short these are simply brilliant amps, everything about them is just right.

  20. JC George

    Great amp & cabinet! I have the bass array 12-3 cabinet and the sound is incredible! Light weight, portable and all the tone I need!

  21. John Quattrocchi

    I recently purchased a Magellan 800 to replace my Shuttle 6.0. This is an amazing amp! Great punchy low end and clean mids and highs. I’m even more impressed with the customer service. I ran into a problem and Jeff contacted me directly. The amp was sent out, repaired, and returned within a week. I wish more companies would stand behind their products like Jeff. Thanks again!

  22. Roy Donkin

    I owned a Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 and then a 9.0 and loved them both. They are great heads. A few months after the Magellan 800 was released I decided to upgrade my 9.0. I already had a BA12-3 and had had such good feelings about the Shuttles, I decided to go with the Magellan. Frankly, it felt safe to me. I expected a little upgrade but didn’t expect a huge difference. The Magellan gave me everything I liked about the Shuttles plus… there is an authority to the notes that wasn’t there with the 9.0. Everything felt more muscular. Everything hit harder through all of the registers of my basses. And it feels louder. Add the contour control and the dirty channel and it is also more versatile. As much as I liked the Shuttles, the Magellan is a significant upgrade. There are scores of other great heads out there these days but the Magellan 800 has the perfect mix of features, power, and that muscular sound. I don’t see myself having GAS for a new head for a long, long, long time. As a disclaimer, I also have have the 350…

  23. Tom Martin

    Fantastic tone
    SO easy to EQ for different basses, rooms
    very useful contours A and B
    HUGE power, compact and light weight, absolute reliability
    high quality construction, solid feel of the controls
    a great amp in every way

  24. Paul Jones

    “The Genzler 800 has been flawless in the couple of years I have used it. I play bass in the tribute band Fleetwood Mask, that gigs all over the western US, with some fly gigs all over the US.

    I used to play Ampeg SVT, SWR SM-900 and Alembic Bass pre-amp gear. Each of those platforms and speaker had issues with weight and overall size. The Genzler has been the best combination of great tones, good features, great size and weight. Combined with 2 or 3 of the Bass Array 12-3 cabinets, it’s a great combo.

    I mostly use the Magellan 800 and 2 cabs stacked on my side of the stage, and sometimes run 1 more cabinet on the guitar players side of the stage. With the ability to run down to 2 ohms I have never had an issue with volume on stage. The built in DI has been great too.

    Sometime the opening band will use my Genzler Magellan 800 and Bass Array speakers, and they are always blown away at the tone, volume and bass depth for such a small system. “

  25. Mike Corso

    I’ve had the Magellan 800 for a couple of years now. It’s my main amp and I’m very happy with it. On average, I’m gigging twice a month and the head has never let me down. It’s light, powerful, easy to use, has great tone and proven to be very reliable.

    Prior to purchasing, I spent a lot of time researching for the “”right”” head that would fit my needs. I was a little hesitant about purchasing online, especially without testing it live, but your reputation in the industry and prompt responses to my questions made my decision much easier. I would recommend the Magellan to anyone who is looking for a high quality amplifier.”

  26. Brian Norris

    Before purchasing the Magellan 800 I had looked at two other Class D heads from prominent manufacturers. I dismissed one as the Pre section was too fussy™ and the other (despite the hype) was, as the sales assistant said is what it is IMO substandard. I am delighted with my Magellan 800 bought from Bass Direct in Warwickshire UK. I complimented it with a foot switch and use it in a three cab Rig. One Happy Bunny.

  27. Chris Wilson

    “Thanks for giving us such great gear.

    The clarity, tone, and flexibility of the Magellan 800 gives me everything I need to play any genre of music. I play primarily Country and Classic Rock. The power is incredible. Matched with the 212T, I have been able to cover any stage/venue indoors or out. My sound man loves it as well. The clarity and drive of the 800 comes through the onboard DI with no loss of quality. I have had to play with a lot of DIs in the past and this one is spot on.

    Thanks for your commitment to high quality!”

  28. David Ashcroft

    I am delighted with your Magellan 800. It gives me all I need in terms of tone and versatility (and more than I need). I particularly like the fact that it performs to its description in that the clean channel is beautifully articulate and that the drive channel is rich and musical even with the controls set at noon. Congratulations!

  29. Dave Norman

    I purchased the Magellan 350 initially as a back up amp given its compact and lightweight form yet powerful output; I had deliberated over many different options but the Magellan350 came out on top; at present I now run the M350 as a part of a mini-rig for practise, studio and smaller venue get togethers, I use a VDK 4 Ohm cab rated at 600w and there is plenty of headroom however I have not pushed this little amp to its limits and can certainly say there is plenty more there if required. I particularly like the tonal capabilities and the handy contour dual curve A/B giving the ability to quickly change between clean, modern and vintage tones whilst maintaining the uniqueness in sound of the player and the instrument. Other great features of the M350 include the 2.67 Ohms minimum load for 3 x 8 Ohms cabinets for pushing more air and a really great 3 band parametric EQ (a certain professional bass player I know uses the Magellan 800 and says it’ss the best parametric EQ out there !). I have not tried Bass Array series cabs as yet but have it on good authority that they are excellent. Pros; It all there ! Cons; no little Genzler carry bag available for the baby amp of the family; but I guess I can live with that¦.

    Thanks Jeff, love your creations; I still love my awesome GB Streamliner 900 too. Happy for you to use my comments if you think they are worthy!

  30. Patrick Keeling

    The Magellan is the most versatile amp I have ever owned.
    I play a variety of music from Classic rock, bluegrass and jazz. It compliments electric and upright bass equally well. I like having the option of a tube and modern sounds. I used to own a shuttle 9.0. It was great but the Magellan is more versatile.

  31. Al Hospers

    I”ve been a fan of Jeff Genzler’s work since my first Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0. It was a great little amp at a great price. Eventually I got a Streamliner 900 and loved it as well. When Jeff moved on and started Genzler, I wondered what he was going to come up with and I wasn’t disappointed. I tried the the Magellan 800 at the 2016 NAMM show and was completely floored. It has all the features that a journeyman musician like me needs and tone for days! I’m one of those guys who plays a funk gig one night, jazz brunch the next, full tilt rock band another, and truly everything in between. Honestly it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this. Kudos to Jeff for making an amp that’s this versatile and reliable. Come to think of it, what more do you need?

  32. Scott Kleber

    Thanks Jeff for a wonderfully functional design. Truly a Swiss army knife choice of tones. I love how things have advanced in class D amplification. Clean fat and tight with authority. It suits my edgy rock tendencies but also can be smooth and subtle. Totally satisfied!

  33. Noah G Wilson

    The Magellan 800 is an amazing amp and Jeff Genzler is a great business owner. I went from owning a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 and then needing more power moved up to the Streamliner 900. From there I went to the ShuttleMax 9.0 and have now ended on the Magellan 800 and have no need to move on.

    To me the Magellan is a perfect cross between the Streamliner and Shuttle series – it has the warmth and girth of the Streamliner but also the crispness and strong mids of the Shuttle.

    The thing about the Magellan is there are so many great settings to choose from. I’ve yet to find one that sounds bad or can’t be used within a group setting. The two contours are both great. Many times I find myself going back and forth between the two depending on the room or bass I’m playing. Contour B is great for boomy rooms as well as capturing that classic non-ported speaker cab tone with a P bass. Contour A can do the scooped mid, Marcus Miller tone when really cranked or can do a nice warm, full more modern tone when set around 9 o’clock, which is where I usually leave it.

    Another great feature set is the two channels, clean and drive. I can now go to a gig and leave an overdrive pedal at home if I don’t need to get super crazy – for those songs that need a little grit I just change to the Drive channel. Sometimes I use the drive channel to add a little something that isn’t gritty at all and that sounds great too. Another thing I have found is that when I do use my pedals the clean channel allows them to really shine.

    Going from other Class D amps to the Magellan I can hear the difference in the weight or thickness of the notes. The Magellan has real heft in the notes.

    The EQ section is great with a little going a long ways. That being said I have found that the amp sounds so good I don’t use the eq section. I usually just make slight tweaks to get where I need to go.

    The amp also feels solid and it’s very apparent that it was built really well. The knobs are smooth and solid. The chassis is solid and feels like quality – it reminds me of a Mercedes Benz.

    I also purchased the amp gig bag and it too is of high quality. It’s nicely padded and sturdy. I’m very impressed with it. It also has enough room in the pocket for multiple cords and a pedal or two, if needed. I keep my 6′ amp cable, the power cord and a short heavy duty extension cord in there at all times with room to spare.

    The Magellan is a first-class amp that sounds amazing and is full of great and usable features.

    Another note: the fact Jeff Genzler visits the and can be contacted fairly easy with questions about his products is incredible. You don’t get that kind of service nowadays.

    Thank you, Genzler Amplification!

  34. Michael Emmerling

    I confess: I used to be a big rig guy. For over 20 years I’ve been using rack-mounted pre- and power-amps and the obligatory 2 410 cabs. Sure, the sound was big but required a big car, big muscles and a fair bit of room. And it sounded good only in a few select spots on the stage.

    All that changed when I had the opportunity to try the BA12-3 and the 212T. The 212T sounded great but the BA12-3 had something special going on. I decided to get 2 BA12-3 (#33 and 34 so an early adopter!) which gives me the option of using one (generally rehearsals) or both for all gigs. The Magellan 800 joined as soon as it became available and I haven’t looked back.

    Playing my own basses (5 and 6 string, fretted and fretless) I can’t remember a single occasion where I had any issues dialing in an outstanding sound. “Dialing in”” means tweaking the EQ just a tiny little bit and play around with the two contour settings since the amp combined with the two BA12-3 cabs is already incredibly analytical and precise while being extremely musical at the same time. Very occasionally I use the drive channel as well.

    The amp is built like a tank with a great weight that’s not too light (and feels flimsy) but just right. All pots are super-smooth and super-responsive – even the slightest bit of turn makes a difference. It’s also really nice in terms of haptic experience, just the right amount of brush treatment.

    And as regular as clockwork I get comments on how good the sound is (no-one comments on my playing 🙂 ) whether I carry the bottom end in venues up to 150-200 people or use the amazing DI to go through the PA. From rock-solid B string to double-stops and “chords” higher up, everything is crystal-clear and balanced with just the right amount of “heft”. And I’ve never been short of enough volume although with this rig it’s not really a question of “how loud” but more a case of “just right” – it fills the room without impacting on the other instruments or the singers.

    I really can’t see myself NOT using this rig until the end of my playing days (which hopefully is still a fair way away). The only thing I would consider is either swapping one of the BA12-3 cabs for a slanted one, or maybe add one. That’s it. Big thank you to everyone at Genzler for providing this amazing “set and forget” gear!

  35. Jeff Lilly

    I was a fan on Genz Benz gear in the past and was happy when my local store had Genzler products in stock. In the last few years I have bought a Magellan 800, 2 BA12-3 cabs and a Magellan 350 BA10 combo. I have no complaints at all and love the sound of the cabs. I love that the top end is there but it sounds so much better than a cabinet with a horn IMO.

  36. Andy Irvine

    My Urban Assault Rig =) I give the Genzler Amplification Magellan 800 head & BA-410-3 (4ohm 1000watt) “Bass Array” speaker system – the blue ribbon, 1st prize in my stand alone one cab NEO driver rig realm. It’s amazing for a long list of reasons! Massive tight low end, LOUD, clear, clean, noiseless, and punchy. Oh so easy to move around and lift, very light weight while delivering fat and super warm bottom for soul and dub. Not lacking for highs, but not overly hyped either – fast, sultry and smooth for slap transients and articulation. Very sturdy build quality on both the head and cab. 2 channels clean/dirt, chassis mounted controls with nice stiff turning pots. The Bass Array cab system has remarkable full range audio dispersion, all the frequency information goes everywhere equally, with a perfectly crossed over blend. It fills the stage with pleasing full range sound, and sounds great standing to the side of it, or way in front of it. From the audience perspective it arrives everywhere in a large performance area evenly and with soothing warmth, definition and clarity, to all corners of a large room. Fascinating throw and freq alignment design – THAT WORKS – Winner in it’s class.

  37. David Desmond

    I just got my Genzler 800 and I am just totally impressed with it. I have been using a MarkBass LM for many years and after I put the Genzler amp to my speakers I heard far more clarity and power. My StingRay 5HH just sounds so amazing better- no minor amp noise that I was getting with the MB. Never thought I would use the Drive channel but our band plays some really rockin’ songs where drive is just the right tone and it is there at the touch of a button. The clean channel is so very clean and powerful! I hear my bass far better now and enjoy playing it more-it is just a monster!. For cabs, I have Greenboy Audio Fearless F112 bass cab and a Greenboy 15 sub which are just killer cabs. I bought these earlier With Genzler coming out with a LF speaker and mid speakers that is the way to go! Best sounding bass amp on the market in my opinion. Tomorrow I will be playing a huge outdoor concert and will be looking forward to using my new Genzler Magellan 800 bass amp! I am probably the worst person a pushy salesperson wants to run across. I tried all high power bass amps and found the Genzler Magellen the very best bass amp on the market and I bought a shiny brand new one and it is just amazing.

  38. Dropkick Dave Walters

    Wow! That was my first reaction plugging in, even before twisting any knobs…big, full, rich sound…I went with the clean channel and contour B…I should mention I played the Magellan 800 through a couple of Bass Array 12-3 cabs… one of them the SLANT…both incredible sounding cabs…I play a couple of early 70’s tuned standard and the other strung up BEAD…Both Countour channels sound amazing…I went with Countour B as it seemed to bring out all that I love about older basses…a little on the vintage side…but there was more clarity without sacrificing big low end…there was just more definition in the note…punchy and big…the mids are full and not brittle and the highs were musical and not tinny… the low B was round and filled the room…I come from the 810 with a power amp and a high end tube pre amp club…let me tell you I wouldn’t hesitate to tell people how great this set up was…it took just one gig to change my mind…immediate compliments from the guys in the band…didnt matter where I stood the sound was clear and big…front man said he could finally hear me clearly and smiles all night…the drummer didnt even put me in his monitor…said he didnt need to…I had the most fun I’d had in a long time…I feel like I’m giving up a secret surf spot telling everybody how good this rig is…but it’s that good…its going to be on the road all Summer playing anywhere from theaters to outdoor festivals…looking forward to every gig with this sweet set up…did I mention Jeff Genzler was above and beyond helpful to me in picking out the right gear and getting it to me before I hit the road for a short run…thank you sir and you can be proud of the amazing gear you’re putting out there!

  39. Pete Gamby

    The Magellan 800 with a pair of 1-12 neo cabs gives me the flexibility to travel lightweight while packing a phenomenal punch. It alleviates the need wondering what sound I’ll get on stage venue to venue with the provided backline. I’ve utilized many different amps for fifty years and the Magellan 800 has the best tone and it’s lightweight for an old grey hair bassist. I use it mostly flat eq settings with an old J bass with original passive electronics. Nothing else and I have all the 60’s punch but with a cleaner tone. The soundcrew comments of how easy it was to get me in the FOH mix without booming the stage. Since the cabs are small and I’m 6’6, and I can run 3 8ohm cabs with this head, I’d like to add a wedge top cabinet because my ears are not in my knees. Great product!

  40. Michael Pendergast

    I recently purchased a Magellan 800 bass amp, and a Bass Array 12-3 STR, and I wanted to share some initial thoughts. The Magellan 800 must be the best Class D amplifier on the market – certainly the best one I’ve ever played through. I was able to achieve a killer tone right out of the box, by just leaving everything flat, and playing around with the contour channels. From there I used the 4-band EQ for some fine tuning, and BOOM – beautiful, round, punchy, articulate tone in about 30 seconds! My 45 – minute practice sessions are now lasting about 4 hours because I just don’t want to put my bass down. Very excited to try this stuff out on my next gig. I’m also a huge fan of the 3-inch drivers in the Bass Array cabinet, which leave the upper mids and highs sounding pristine and sweet to the ear, not harsh or shrill like you often get from cabs that have tweeters. I’m planning to add another 12-3 cabinet soon, which is probably all I would ever need. I’ve been playing bass for 39 years in all kinds of bands, with all kinds of equipment, and this is by far the best rig I’ve ever owned, Completely satisfied!

  41. Michael Lewis

    The Magellan 800 is by far the cleanest most transparent head I have ever owned. When paired with my Genzler NC212T it punches you in the gut. It’s a bass players dream tone machine!!!!!

  42. Chris Barnes

    Upright bassist here! I waited almost ten years to find the perfect amplifier for the type of music that I perform, and my playing style. I play slap, primarily. In order to get the percussive notes to cut through, I run a dual piezo pickup system through a Shadow Rockabilly Pro preamp. One pickup sits under the fingerboard, and one is wedged into the wing slot on the bass side of the bridge.

    The voicing of this amp is flawless for upright bass. It sounds like a bigger, louder version of the instrument. There’s plenty of headroom, the EQ is incredibly responsive, and it even sounds good through the overdrive channel. The Magellan delivers tight, punchy low end as well as clean and pristine highs that really helps that click that’s produced by slapping come through the mix in a non offensive way. I have never played an amp that is this user friendly with this kind of tone! I’ll never use anything but Genzler amps from here on!

  43. John Jungblut

    I’ve gone through a lot of amps trying to find “the one” that gives me everything I need. The Magellan 800 is it.

    It sounds great, the build quality is exceptional, it has plenty of power for just about any stage, and it’s portable enough to put in a bag, throw over your shoulder, and head off to the gig.

    All of that is plenty, but where this amp really stands apart is how simply it provides huge flexibility.
    Lots of amps have a baked-in sound that your either love or struggle to counteract with the EQ.

    But on the Magellan, the combination of Contour A/B and the Clean/Drive Channels easily give you a massive range of starting points, then you can just use the EQ to fine-tune them.

    I use it with an eclectic range of cabinets; from an Emperor 6×10 to a fEarful 15/6 to an older SWR 4×10. In all cases, with all my basses, I can get to a great tone in seconds.

    Add in a fantastic sounding headphone output and aux-in, and you’re all set to learn songs at home.
    Top it off with a stellar sounding DI and you’re ready to send fantastic sound to the mixing board in the studio or at the venue.

    If I was to pick one minor complaint, it would be that the front panel isn’t protected – it would be nice to see mini rack ears to keep the knobs from taking a hit.

    Regardless, I play with three different bands. I have three different bass heads. And yet…the Magellan is the amp I take with me every time.

  44. Brian Mizikar

    What a fantastic line of equipment Jeff has put together. I play a wide variety of genres, mostly on upright bass even on heavy metal!

    The Magellan 800 has been described by other users as “bloomy” and I think that is spot on. The notes just pop out of this thing. I love the contour control as it definitely changes the voice from a modern to vintage. I usually keep it on curve A which to my ears compliments the natural sound of upright. This is something that my old Ampeg rig could not fully capture even with some heavy eq massage.

    I also recently upgraded my small cabinet to the 210-3 Bass Array which again, is mind blowing. I have gigged a few times with it now and it is simply amazing how much sound this setup throws. The first show I used it was with a bluegrass outfit and because of the stage situation, I actually put the cabinet in front of me. It sounds just as good in front as the typical behind setup. I have also paired it with my Ampeg 4-10 cab with my rockabilly/metal band and that my friends is a wall of sound!

    The only negative so far with this setup is that because the Magellan seems to be a lot “hotter” than my old head, I have been fighting feedback issues more than before so that is a work in progress to get it dialed in but the positives far outweigh this one issue and that is a me/upright issue, not the amp itself. My wish list would be to have a footswitch for the mute function and again, that is a me issue since uprights do not have a volume knob.

    Well done Genzler!!

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