Bass Gear Magazine Review – Magellan 800 and Bass Array 12-3 Cabinet Review

Jeff Genzler has been involved in the guitar and bass amplification world since 1986, or so. Around 2008, his work on bass amps surpassed the guitar amps, and he has established himself and his products as a favorite of bass players around the world. His long-time brand, Genz-Benz™, was for a time affiliated with Fender™, but he is now operating under the brand name Genzler™ Amplification. Jeff first made us aware of his new brand and product line at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, and needless to say, he had our attention with the “top secret” designs he showed us. They all sounded great on paper, but we were all eager to get our hands on them. Later, I had an opportunity to spend some time with the prototype of the Magellan™ 800 head, and this definitely ramped up my excitement level quite a bit. Once the Bass Array™ cabs became officially available, Jeff sent us a pair to check out, and we posted a First Look Facebook exclusive mini review.
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