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Stanley Serrano

Stanley Serrano has been a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, and arranger for over 20 years. He established his company, Elektric Kingdom Entertainment, LLC, in 2013 which facilitates 200+ gigs a year.
Being originally from Los Angeles, CA., his demand on the scene came at an early age, which eventually landed him to gig and travel to over 20 countries with multiple artists as a bass player and music director. His involvement with these artist allowed him to work collaboratively on recordings that have led a few of the albums to be nominated for awards such as; Latin Billboard Music Awards, Latin Grammy’s, Premio Lo Nuestro, and Premios Arpas.
“I’m currently using the Magellan 800 head with the (1) 12-3 Array Straight and (1) 12-3 angled cab. I was looking for a bass amp with clarity, that represented my basses accurately like it does in my studio. Genzler Amps gives me EXACTLY that every time. Whether it’s a small gig where I only take one cab, or a bigger stage where I take both cabs to fill the space, I am always impressed by how it handles every gig scenario I’m in. I’ve gotten more compliments from live engineers on tone, sound and how easy it is to mix with the band on stage than any other gear. Love my Genzler gear!” – Stanley Serrano

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