Endorsing Artist

Nikolay Tsvetkov

From Harmanli, Bulgaria,Nikolay has been fascinated by rock music since he was a child, as he was, in his own words “ brought up with it” by his dad, a keen rock music enthusiast, and a bass player. Nikolay’s passion made him proficient at playing the bass guitar as early as the age of 14.

He started a rock band in his home town school, and after he graduated, he moved to the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, in order to further pursue his musical interests. Very shortly after this, he started playing with a few popular underground bands, and toured around the country for nearly four years.

At the end of 2011, he had the lucky strike to be recommended to Nikolo Kotzev, (Brazen Abbot, Robin Gibb band, Nostradamus The Rock Opera, etc…), with whom he started a very beneficial collaboration and friendship, which continues until present.

They formed the band Kikimora in 2011, which has been hugely successful and its performances have been widely covered by TV channels, radio stations and the social media. They have been performing with symphonic orchestras, as well as big stars such as Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow), Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, etc…), Jӧrn Lande (Halloween, Y. Malmsteen, Avantasia, etc..), Thomas Vikstrӧm (Candlemass, Therion), Bjӧrn Lodin (Baltimoore) and others.

In 2016, Nikolay became an endorser for KD Basses – handmade custom built instruments, enjoying a great reputation all over the world. He happily joined the Genzler amplification family in 2018 and is certain that anyone who is connoisseur the quality of sound and has passion for music should experience the many qualities of the product.

“My personal choice of gear is the Magellan 800 and cabs bass array 12-3 – they really blew my mind. I am seriously impressed by the quality, design and craftsmanship of the entire range. The connection with my gear really helps me express how my music should feel. My favorite parts of the amp are the drive channel and the curve section, because they give me the opportunity to achieve the sound I want everyone to be able to hear.”  – Nikolay

Magellan 800 w/ Bass Array 12-3 SLT and STR Demo