Endorsing Artist

Gerry Clapsaddle

I started playing the bass in 7th grade in the Orchestra and played up right bass all through High School and junior College.  I also was getting into the electric bass at age 15 with various local bands in the Kirkland Washington area my home town.  I knew at a very young age that being a musician was my calling from God.   At age 23 I moved to Orange County Ca, and started my Career as a working bass players and played with several Vegas type bands and toured with a Vegas group called The Sophisticates.  I also had the pleasure of touring with two other bands out of LA — Triple Threat and TKO .  Triple threat was a Power trio, and TKO was a 12 piece horn band.

My biggest influence growing up in the 70’s were Jack Bruce, Mel Shacher of Grand Funk, and John Entwisle.  By the mid 80’s I was getting into Jazz and funk and really listened to Jimmy Haslip, Francis Roco Prestia, and John Patitucci .

Presently,  I am playing with 2 bands out of Phoenix, AZ right now,  Rock’n Roll Fantasy a tribute to the Classic sound of Bad Company, and my own band called Sweet Machine.

I have been a huge fan of Jeff Genzler for many years ever since his days right here in Phoenix starting Genz-Benz out of his garage.   I played Genz-Benz Bass heads for years.

Now that I’m an endorsed artist for Genzler Amplification my on stage rig is:   The Magellan 800 head running through two MG- 212T cabinets.

I am so proud to be in the Genzler Amplification family of endorsed artists . Truly “a dream come true”.

Gear:  MG-800, 2 x MG-212T

Gear Comment:  I love using my Magellan 800 head through my two MG212T cabs.  They match up very well together — I get crisp mid and highs and more than enough bottom end and it’s never muddy.

There is so much presence on stage with this rig and sound guys just love my rig.  They comment that it’s so easy to dial in a great sound.  The rig is by far the cleanest, most punchy rig I’ve ever played through!  It’s all there!!!