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Bass Player Magazine – Magellan 800 & Bass Array 12-3 Cabinet Review

JEFF GENZLER IS ONE OF BASSDOM’S MOST seasoned amplification gurus, having offered up a host of innovative designs over a three-decade-plus career. While many players were saddened to hear of the demise of his old company Genz Benz, those same fans are thrilled that he’s back, this time with Genzler Amplification. An early proponent of Class [...]

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Bass Gear Magazine Review – Magellan 800 and Bass Array 12-3 Cabinet Review

Jeff Genzler has been involved in the guitar and bass amplification world since 1986, or so. Around 2008, his work on bass amps surpassed the guitar amps, and he has established himself and his products as a favorite of bass players around the world. His long-time brand, Genz-Benz™, was for a time affiliated with Fender™, but [...]

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Premier Guitar – Genzler Amplification Magellan 800 and 112T Review

The Genz is back! That’s Jeff Genzler, the founder and former head of Genz-Benz. His latest venture, Genzler Amplification, is the new chapter in a storied amp-design career spanning over three decades. The first of his wares is the Magellan series—bass amplification that combines portability, power, and assertive tone at a competitive price. Here, we checked [...]

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