Endorsing Artist

Reed Jones

Reed Jones is a bit of a Renaissance man in today’s bluegrass world.  In addition to touring internationally as bassist with Grammy-nominated bandleader, Audie Blaylock and his band Redline, Jones is a photographer, musical preservationist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, an accomplished writer and songwriter, and a barbecue and coffee snob.  That last designation (well, all of them, really) points to his tendency to passionately obsess over details and quality, ultimately leading him to Genzler Amplification.

Jones regularly finds himself on both ends of a song, having written and performed the theme song for the Travel Channel series Backroad Gold, playing bass on #1 bluegrass singles, and writing or co-writing multiple other charting singles in the bluegrass world.  As a member of Audie Blaylock and Redline, a modern bluegrass powerhouse in the traditional mold, Jones is constantly seeking to expand the bluegrass songbook while maintaining a meaningful connection to the fiery and hungry spirit found in the genre’s earliest proprietors.

Redline is known for its soaring harmonies and tight, driving instrumentation; and the latter can only be accomplished with the right mix of tones.  Genzler Amplification is an indispensable tool in Redline’s toolbox, about which Jones says: “Thoughtful bluegrass bass players know the key to achieving a unified band dynamic is a bass sound that provides ample bottom, but also has the cut and punch to hit your ear in time, all while maintaining a warm, yet defined note.  Genzler gives me the ability to dial that in, even in some pretty tough circumstances.”

Magellan 350 Combo Demo

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