Endorsing Artist

Dan Robbins

Dan Robbins lives for the bass. A full-time professional bassist, educator, and recording artist since 1997, he brings a lifetime of knowledge and skill to both the upright and electric bass in almost every style. He teaches at both San Jose State University and Santa Clara University, and also maintains a handful of private clients.

A passionate and skilled performer, he is in very high demand locally and regionally and also does select touring gigs. Past performances have included appearances with the Christian McBride Big Band, dozens of appearances at the Monterey Jazz Festival with artists including the Gary Meek band, his own group Wasabi, the Monterey All Stars, Claudia Villela, Kenny Stahl, the Latin Jazz All-Stars, Kim Nalley, Weber Iago, Hristo Vitchev, tours to Asia and Europe, and all around the US.

Aside from the plethora of calls for one off recording sessions, performances, and concerts, he maintains a busy schedule as the bassist for both the acoustic jazz and electric fusion versions of the Gary Meek band, the odd-time fusion group Idiot Fish (featuring worlds foremost jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson (Bela Fleck)), The Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead inspired group Painted Mandolin featuring Joe Craven (Garcia-Grisman band), his own original fusion project Wasabi, the modern jazz Hristo Vitchev Quartet, the Gypsy-jazz trio Djangatos, singer-songwriter Alex Lucero, Stanley Jordan, has a duo project with Tammi Brown (Bobby McFerrin, Quincy Jones), and performs as guest soloist/baritone guitarist with the reggae jam band Microtiger. He also performs as a soloist for concerts and festivals.

“For me, the Genzler gear gives all the articulation, versatility, warmth, depth, punch, and inspiration that brings my music to a higher level. With my myriad of basses and performance situations, I find a use for ALL of the Bass Array cab series, the Magellan 800 amp, as well as the Acoustic Array Pro combo.” – Dan Robbins