Model #: BA12-3
Price: $879.00

GENZLER AMPLIFICATION is proud to launch our new brand with the introduction of a uniquely new approach to bass instrument loudspeaker design, the Bass Array12-3.

Although the same size as many premium 12” and tweeter cabinets this new design is so much more complex and rewarding to the performer.

This innovative design blends the benefits of a 12” vented bass reflex design with the performance and pattern control of a 4 x 3” neodymium driver line array element.  The benefits of combining both design platforms in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player: 


  • Full, deep, low frequency response from the high efficiency 12” ported woofer -- doing what it does best.  Excellent support of the low B fundamental of 5 string instruments.
  • A selective crossover point overcomes the “beaming” (pattern narrowing) effects of a full range signal being reproduced by larger low frequency drivers.
  • Lowers midrange and high frequency distortion by allowing the use of small, high performance cone transducers that would otherwise be unsuitable without the increased acoustic sensitivity obtained by the array design.
  • This design provides a more open, smoother midrange and high frequency response because of the ideal natural characteristics of the mid-high frequency array when compared to a conventional tweeter that cannot reproduce the crucial midrange frequencies without pattern control or un-natural distortion.


What this means in the context of performance is the most focused, defined, musical, smooth and seamless response possible throughout the BA12-3’s entire full-range bandwidth.   Additionally the placement of the Line Array in front of the 12” woofer further provides a type of “single point source” projection---think of it as concentric speakers, one inside of the other, in the same linear plane.  Also due to line array principals the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern.  This offers the most even projection possible around the perimeter of the stage and audience.


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Amazing Bass amplification!
By: Michael Christenson
Jan 8, 2016
WOWZERS WOWZERS WOWZERS!!!:woot: That's my impressions of the Magellan 800 and Genzler BA 12-3 cabs continuing demo with my NS-2! Today I separated the 2 Genzler Bass Array 12-3 cabs from the M-800 amp and connected them to my 1968 Ampeg a/b 100W amp. Sounds fantastic! Even dimed out the Ampeg vol and gain, pulled out the Ultra Low knob, all amp EQ set at soon as I struck the open B string our dog ran for cover In our bedroom and under our bed, hahahaha:roflmao: I stood in front of the cab 20' away and STILL the cab pressure was too great for my ears and I felt like throwing:vomit:up, the gut punch is that monsterous! WOWZERS!!! And that was out of a 100W head! Love these BA 12-3 cabs! The girth was amazing, clarity and growl prevailed thru the cabs. No farting out or popping. I was tongue in cheek whether or not these cabs would retain all the goodness that my Ampeg provides, warmth, full round lows, strong mids, girth, punchiness. But the BA 12-3 cabs added more sustain, piano clarity and every nuisances of each note plucked. Guys/Gals, I'm not making one penny with this Demo, honestly, no expectations what so ever, but I'm here to say to you, there is no other cab that I've played thru that sounds THIS GREAT. Now, connect 2 Genzler BA 12-3 cabs to the Magellan 800...HOLY FREAKIN COW!!!:woot: A sound and volume level that I thought was only possible thru 1-2 SVT Fridges. Now I'm very happy that I sold my SVT Fridge and 410HLF, so I don't have to lug those heavy cabs but instead now I can carry two 12-3 cabs that only weigh in at 37# each AND perform as huge as I need them to. One of these cabs is plenty for every indoor gig save indoor arena, then 2 will cover that gig a plenty. I'll be willing to say that Genzler will have a tough time keeping up with orders with both the M-800 and Bass Array 12-3 cabs. I know bebass, Michael LoMax has sold out already and has an order in for more cabs. Still 1-2 weeks out yet for the M-800 to arrive at Michael's store. Jeff receives them next Friday then he will send them out to the dealers. I HIGHLY recommend these amazing bass equipment!:bassist: You'll hear your Basses like you have never did before. And you thought it was never possible, right? :D
Absolutely Huge Sound
By: John Skalecki
Dec 21, 2015
This tiny cab is absolutely jaw dropping. Easily replaced the 6x10 stack I was previously using. Huge volume, clear crisp uncolored sound throughout the spectrum. The low end is deep, not boxy sounding at all which is a common problem with small cabs. Mr. Genzler continues to be way ahead of the competition in every way.
Amazing Cab
By: Josh Prior
Oct 22, 2015
Without a doubt this is the best cab I've owned. The range is amazing. Playing a vintage P through it and for the first time really hearing the complete character of the bass. Another big thing I've noticed, because of the 4 3" drivers, my tone is much more consistent at various distances than with any other cab I've used over the years. Can't wait to buy another one - two will be the ultimate setup for me.
Great & innovative Cabinet
By: John Wallach
Oct 20, 2015
I have Array cabinet #4, from Bass Club Chicago. It is deep, rich, balanced and articulate, and is taking the place of two 112 cabinets--and is as loud and sounds better than the two of them. The Array easily handles my Demeter M-800D head (400 watts, 8 ohms), the sound comes out huge and defined regardless of the bass--active or passive, fretted or fretless. But this is not simply a modern hi-fi cab, it nails old school tone along with great definition. The four speaker array spreads the sound on stage, everyone in the band heard the bass more clearly. My guess is that in the next few years there will be other array speaker cabs, other imitators. As usual, Jeff Genzler is the innovator.
You absolutely nailed it!
By: Trevor Lindsey
Oct 20, 2015
Let me start out by saying "you absolutely nailed it!" I bought Bass Array cabinets #27 and #28, and they are everything I have been looking for. The light weight cabinets are the wave of the future, and the compact size is just right. What is truly amazing about the Arrays, is you have created a highly portable and gig friendly cabinet that has the fullness and punch of a speaker cabinet twice the size. This morning I compared the two Array cabinets to my stadium rig of a 4x10 and 1x15 which have the traditional heavy magnets, large volume, and heavy construction. The Arrays ate them alive! I was getting better low end frequency response, much tighter definition, and what I can only describe as a stereo effect of sparkling high end. By the afternoon, I had sold off the stadium rig, as well as various other cabinets I had accumulated during my search for great sound. I am absolutely sold on these new cabinets which have, in my mind, made a quantum leap to spectacular and incredibly well balanced bass tone. I knew the moment I plugged into them at the Bass Strings Online showroom that they were something I would not be able to walk away from. Things only got better once I got home and plugged them into my beloved 3K watt amp with F1X. I also noticed they made any bass I played through them sound extremely pleasing, and did not require adjustment of my preamp to try to "fit" the particular bass. They also truly come into their own when you stand back from them at audience distance. I have also found that there is no music style they can't handle flawlessly. They sound superb for jazz, R&B, rock, and they are totally unparalleled Funk Machines! The definition on a low B string is better than anything else out there, and if I did not know they had 12" woofers, I would swear they were 15?s. You have done the seemingly impossible and made a light weight, compact bass cabinet with unrivaled definition and "Balls" with a capital B. The Arrays are already loaded up, and will be hitting the road with me starting this Saturday night on tour. I just felt strongly that I needed to give you a hearty pat on the back for creating what I always had hoped to find in a bass speaker cabinet. After 35 years as a professional bassist, I can say without reservation that for the first time, I have reached tone nirvana. I simply cannot thank you enough.
Power Handling
Frequency Response
Sensitivity 1W/1M
Nominal Impedance
Crossover Frequency
Weight LBs.
H x W x D
350 Watts
98 dB
8 ohm
800 Hz
16" x 19" x 18"

Shipping Data:

  • Carton Dimensions: 23"H x 22"W x 20"D
  • Shipping Weight: 41 Lbs


Speaker Components:

  • One -- premium Faital« neodymium 12" cast frame loudspeaker utilizing a unique dual-wound voice coil design for increased power handling and efficiency.
  • Four -- premium Faital« neodymium 3" mid/high cone drivers loaded into a sealed line array stack.


Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  • Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure.
  • Two -- Speakon« NL-2 connector and two - ╝" sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


Cabinet Finish:

  • Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.
  • Black metal corners and heavy-duty strap handle.
  • Custom, curved grille with a unique center "pleat" to protect the array column.
  • Large rubber feet.

"All of us at Sadowsky Guitars were very impressed with the Bass Array cabinet. It had remarkable focus and definition without any "tweeter-like" harshness. Warm, solid, and overall "awesome"!
----- Roger Sadowsky


"I've used the Genzler BA12-3 Bass Array for rehearsals and gigs with my MTD 635-24 bass and TecAmp Puma 1000. The Genzler speaker delivered a very definitive representation of the sound of the bass and it's subtleties.

The lows were deep and well defined, the mids were present and punchy, and the highs were clear and clean. The overall blend of the sound is perfect, allowing for very clear triple and double stops even in low registers. The cabinet comes through with a presence that fills the hall. My friends have spoken of how clear the bass sounds to them without being too loud.

The cabinet is only 35 pounds and very easy to move using the handle on its side.

Kudos to Jeff Genzler for this stellar addition to the world of bass cabinets."

Charlie Kniceley