Endorsing Artist

Trevor Lindsey

L.A. Session Bassist, Trevor Lindsey, has been a studio heavyweight since the early 1980’s. The son of Mort Lindsey, who is best known for his work as arranger/composer/orchestral leader for The Merv Griffin Show,  Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, Pat Boone, and other entertainment industry icons, Trevor has also added an impressive list of credits next to his own name.  His session and live performance credits cover an astounding array of respected industry giants. Besides album and live performances, Trevor has also done many TV commercials and jingles, as well as playing on movie soundtracks and television shows.

Among the long list of prominent artists he has worked with are: Montel Jordan, Tom Scott & the L.A. Express, Aaron Neville, Jack Sheldon, Randy Jackson, Elmer Bernstein, Bo Thomlin, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nathan East, Dave Koz, Marcus Miller, Chris Lang, Julie Brown, Roy Clarke, Pat Kelley, Victor Feldman, Joe Sample, Michael Boddiker, Paul Jackson Jr., Plaz Johnson, Pauliho De Costa, Billy Preston, Pete Candoli, Mitch Holder, Dan Farrow, Robert Van, Bunny Brunel, Omar Hakim, Vanna White, Brad Rabuchin, Steven Stills, Al Mckay, Jim Messina, Gemi Taylor, LeAnn Rimes, LL Cool J, Chris Mostert, Jon Francis, and David Foster, along with many others. Trevor is also an artist endorsee for Alembic Basses and Genzler Amplification.

A quote from Trevor on his Genzler Amplification rig:

“Let me start out by saying “you absolutely nailed it!” I bought Bass Array cabinets #27 and #28, and they are everything I have been looking for. The light weight cabinets are the wave of the future, and the compact size is just right. What is truly amazing about the Arrays, is you have created a highly portable and gig friendly cabinet that has the fullness and punch of a speaker cabinet twice the size. This morning I compared the two Array cabinets to my stadium rig of a 4×10 and 1×15 which have the traditional heavy magnets, large volume, and heavy construction. The Arrays ate them alive! I was getting better low end frequency response, much tighter definition, and what I can only describe as a stereo effect of sparkling high end. By the afternoon, I had sold off the stadium rig, as well as various other cabinets I had accumulated during my search for great sound. I am absolutely sold on these new cabinets which have, in my mind, made a quantum leap to spectacular and incredibly well balanced bass tone.

I knew the moment I plugged into them at the Bass Strings Online showroom that they were something I would not be able to walk away from. Things only got better once I got home and plugged them into my beloved 3K watt amp with F1X. I also noticed they made any bass I played through them sound extremely pleasing, and did not require adjustment of my preamp to try to “fit” the particular bass. They also truly come into their own when you stand back from them at audience distance. I have also found that there is no music style they can’t handle flawlessly. They sound superb for jazz, R&B, rock, and they are totally unparalleled Funk Machines! The definition on a low B string is better than anything else out there, and if I did not know they had 12″ woofers, I would swear they were 15s. You have done the seemingly impossible and made a light weight, compact bass cabinet with unrivaled definition and “Balls” with a capital B. The Arrays are already loaded up, and will be hitting the road with me starting this Saturday night on tour. I just felt strongly that I needed to give you a hearty pat on the back for creating what I always had hoped to find in a bass speaker cabinet. After 35 years as a professional bassist, I can say without reservation that for the first time, I have reached tone nirvana. I simply cannot thank you enough.”