Endorsing Artist

Sean Fairchild

On Eargoggle Fodder, Combinator (Seattle’s Sean Fairchild) melds virtuosic yet melodic proggy elements, electro-funk, soulful vocals, and glitchy breakbeat into a dizzying, post-futurist dreamscape. It is laced with a pervasive sense of bitter sweetness, reflecting the year of its creation – moving through the realms of uncertainty and longing, finally arriving at a sense of self-assured redemption.

A 6-string bass wielding singer/songwriter, Sean is the creative center around which the Combinator collective universe orbits. Born in Malaysia, growing up abroad, and having a bass thrust into his young hands in Tokyo, he developed a keen ear for analog and digital music from around the world. Sean is an Emmy Awarded artist, and is endorsed by MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Bartolini Pickups & others.

Connect With Sean

Online: linktr.ee/combinator
Instagram & Twitter: @combinatormusic
Discover Combinator: www.facebook.com/combinatorbandwww.combinator.bandcamp.com

Genzler Amplification Nu Classic cabinets

Genzler Amplification Bass Array 210-3

Hammersmith Roadshow Monster Jam: Andy Irvine, Remco Hendriks, Sean Fairchild & Steve Weiss