Endorsing Artist

Rory Pearse

Specialist Bass Guitar Tutor, Composer and Session Clinician

Over these past nearly thirty years, Rory has been holding down the low end as a full time active bass guitar tutor, composer and versatile session clinician. Rory has had the absolute pleasure of playing live with some of the greatest guitarists in the world such as Dave Kilminster, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe and more recently Chris Woods. Whether in a teaching, composing, or live playing environment, Rory continues to share his valuable knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with all he meets.

Rory’s dedication to the music industry has led to him earning artist endorsements with major companies such as Ernie Ball Musicman Guitars, Genzler Amplification, D’Addario Strings and Accessories, Hercules Stands and Accessories, Awe-In-One Picks and Singular Sound Drum Machine Pedals to name a few. Born in Plymouth, UK, Rory grew up on the historic Barbican, and still lives in Plymouth with his wife, Tamsin.

Rory is also the composer for Marett Creative, an Advertising Agency and Production Company based in the UK. So when Rory’s not teaching, he may well be writing their latest musical masterpiece for TV.

“As a previous endorsing artist of Genz Benz Amplification for many years, it’s like coming home…… Being a 4×10 man through and through, the Genzler BA410-3 Bass Cabinet, along with the Genzler Magellan 800 Bass Amplifier is ‘for me’ the perfect one cab, one amp solution for all my needs.  My Genzler BA410-3 Bass Cabinet is unbelievably musical, articulate, so sweet in the highs and commands in the way that it throws and disperses the sound – I’ve actually nicknamed it ‘The Super Cab’.  As for my Genzler Magellan 800 Bass Amplifier, well that can do it all”.  – Rory

Connect With Rory

Website: http://www.rwpbasstuition.co.uk