Endorsing Artist

Nathan Navarro

Nathan built his chops in the SoCal metal scene, refined his ears playing in worship, jazz, and choir ensembles, and gained music theory and business savvy from the Berklee College of Music. Today, he is an in-demand touring and session bassist as well as a digital content creator, primarily on YouTube and Patreon.

Nathan’s virtuosic playing and open-minded approach to performance has afforded him opportunities to work with multi-platinum producers (Mike Clink, Sylvia Massy, Noel Golden, Danny Greenspoon), record with a host of incredible musicians (Devin Townsend, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally, Chad Kroeger, Marco Minnemann), and release under some of the most imaginative record labels (Insideout, CandyRat, Prosthetic).

His videos have garnered over 100 million views across multiple platforms, and his touring itinerary is extensive; covering twenty-two countries in 2019 and a full North American tour in 2020 before the current break due to covid.

“I’ve never played through something with such responsiveness and clarity. There’s a synergy between the transparent definition of the Magellan amps and the clever speaker designs of the Bass Array cabs which make everything feel so close and clear. With the amp controls set to flat, the bass’ natural tone is heard with incredible detail. From there you can shape your sound in whatever direction you like. It gives much more versatility than other amps, which typically color your tone towards a certain style from square one.” – Nathan Navarro on his Genzler Magellan 800 amplifier, Bass Array 210-3 SLT cabinet, Bass Array 15-3 SLT cabinet, and Magellan 350 Combo.