Endorsing Artist

John Christopher

John has been playing bass for more than 25 years in Central PA, most notably with Steve Creter and his bands. He’s currently playing with numerous groups such as The Wave Quartet (a group he founded), Soul House, Southside Band, and another group he co-founded, The Roadside Attractions. He also works with Not Quite Einstein and travels and plays with International Blues musician Chaz DePaolo.

He currently owns and operates Christopher Entertainment Group, a local/regional entertainment company that does booking for establishments and privately.

John started playing Genz Benz products @ 2005 and has not wavered since. In 2018, he purchased the Genzler Magellan 800 and a Bass Array 12-3 cabinet.

“I am so in love with this! I am not a fancy bass player by any stretch, but one thing is I am a tone FREAK. I MUST have great tone, as well as that bass thump. The Magellan 800 amp with it’s additional options and the bass Array 12-3 cabinet is a great combination for me and my style of play. Having the ability to make some changes on the fly without changing the whole sound is a nice feature and you can easily pick out and use different tones and shapes to your sound. I can use this configuration on a big stage such as the Hershey Theater or standing in the corner at the Hotel Hershey doing my smooth jazz. I love its versatility.” – John Christopher