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Combinator (Sean Fairchild)

Combinator (Seattle’s Sean Fairchild) melds virtuosic yet melodic proggy elements, electro-funk, soulful vocals, and glitchy breakbeat and drum’n’bass into a dizzying, post-futurist dreamscape. A 6 string bass-wielding, controller-manipulating singer/songwriter, Combinator comprises the creative heart of the system, while routinely collaborating with other innovative artists. An Emmy-awarded artist, he is supported by MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Bartolini Pickups, Gruv Gear & others.

Learn more: linktr.ee/combinator

Take a look at the brand new bass instructional video series he has launched, as well: Modern Bass Applications!

Beginner to Advanced Double Thumbing and Quad Slap Technique
Join Combinator in his studio as he guides you through your own private lesson covering the building blocks of the double thumb style of slapping/thumping on bass (and guitar) – all the way from developing single-thumb rest strokes, through incorporating the upwards thumb movement, and on to double and triple finger pops, advanced articulation, and more! Presented in super high quality 4K with pristine audio; bonus tutorial on his track, “Things That Should Be” included!”
To learn more: seanfairchild.com/shop
Combinator Fairchild Genzler

Connect With Sean

Online: linktr.ee/combinator
Instagram: combinatormusic
Discover Combinator: www.facebook.com/combinatorbandwww.combinator.bandcamp.com

Combinator Live

Genzler Amplification Nu Classic cabinets

Genzler Amplification Bass Array 210-3