Endorsing Artist

Combinator (Sean Fairchild)

Combinator (Seattle’s Sean Fairchild) melds virtuosic yet melodic proggy elements, electro-funk, soulful vocals, and glitchy breakbeat and drum’n’bass into a dizzying, post-futurist dreamscape. A 6 string bass-wielding, controller-manipulating singer/songwriter, Combinator comprises the creative heart of the system, while routinely collaborating with other innovative artists. An Emmy-awarded artist, he is supported by MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Bartolini Pickups & others.

Learn more: linktr.ee/combinator

Connect With Sean

Online: linktr.ee/combinator
Instagram: combinatormusic
Discover Combinator: www.facebook.com/combinatorbandwww.combinator.bandcamp.com

Combinator Live

Genzler Amplification Nu Classic cabinets

Genzler Amplification Bass Array 210-3